‘The Bridgertons’ crew explains why there’s less sex in season 2

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When The Bridgertons landed on Netflix in December 2020, many were surprised at the number of high voltage scenes between the Duke of Hastings and the older sister of the most popular family on television. As we commented in the review of SERIES & MÁS, in the second installment of Shonda Rhimes’ production there are less fireworks and sex than expected: “Van Dausen gives the audience a pulse with a construction of romance that plays against the expectations left by the first season.”

We have never done a sex scene for the sake of doing a sex scene and I don’t think we ever will.“. The showrunner of the series warned days before the premiere that this year viewers would find less sex in the series, but criticism from some followers came anyway. “I know people have been frustrated that there haven’t been more sex scenes. There are a lot of scenes that have not been left out of the final cut, ”explained Lizzy Talbot, intimacy coordinator for the period series, in an interview with Glamour.

The passion, the misunderstandings and the early sexual dalliances in the fiction of Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor give way in its continuation to a more melancholic, classic and demanding approach for the spectators. If Jane Austen was already an obvious reference when it came to setting the tone, the relationship between the headstrong Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and the reserved Kate (Simone Ashley) seems to draw directly from the romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy in pride and prejudice.

The decline in sex does not seem to have affected the audience. The season premiere was the best debut for Anglo-Saxon fiction in the company’s history, with 193 million hours consumed in just three days.

‘The Bridgertons’ | Season 2 | Netflix

The same thing happened in the first season, there were many scenes that did not see the light. We always do more than necessary to have possibilities in the assembly. We are very proud of the scenes that viewers have been able to see, ”he clarifies in reference to the passionate ending of the seventh episode of the season. For Talbot, the decision to limit these encounters has been worth it, because when the sex comes to the screen “you have already connected emotionally with the characters after seeing them for six episodes. They are giving each other. As a spectator, you are with them. You’ve wanted it all this time and it’s finally happening.”

Jonathan Bailey himself has also given his point of view on the situation. In an interview with USA Today he defended the decisions of the series. “What you lose in sex scenes you gain in a deeper human understandingwhich hopefully enriches the world so future sex scenes won’t be as important and you won’t have to rely on them as much. It’s okay to surprise the audience and keep them a little on their toes. I think the final reward is worth it.”

For Simone Ashley, her scene partner, “it makes sense [que haya menos escenas de sexo] with these characters because they are very protective of their families. They are very faithful to their duties and responsibilities, so breaking with that would not have made sense to them.”

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey are the new couple of ‘The Bridgertons’ in its second season.

According to the privacy coordinator, an increasingly common position in the industry that Netflix began to implement as a result of the crisis that Hollywood faced due to #MeToo, lThe most complicated sex scene came in the last episode of the season at a time when Kate and Anthony are sitting across from each other. “It worked really well, but we had a really hard time getting the choreography right because the angle and position on a bed in the Regency era is really tricky.”

In another of the most commented moments of the new episodes, Anthony Bridgerton’s character receives fellatio without taking his eyes off his lover. “We always insisted that there should be a lot of eye contact between them at this time. It is a time when they are fully engaged. I think the irony is that every time we see a scene in reverse in fiction, there’s a lot of emphasis on the woman’s eyes looking at the man. It is important to be able to turn this situation around.”

For Bailey there is another reason that justifies having fewer sex scenes. “It is positive that the conversation about the series stops revolving so much around sex in the next years. The same thing happens with the advances of the series in terms of representation on screen”, settled on the Refinery29 website.

Netflix has not yet made public the identity of the character in the series who will have to live a passionate romance in the third season. In the books, the chosen one was Benedict Bridgerton, the artist and bohemian brother of the family. Whoever it, Talbot has promised that the sex scenes will be “splendid” again in the new chapters.

The two seasons of ‘Los Bridgerons’ can only be seen on Netflix.

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