The different books by Tomaz de Figueiredo | Opinion

Tomaz de Figueiredo has passed on to posterity just as he spent his life: undervalued and ignored. He was born in Braga on the 6th of July 1902, although he left his heart in Arcos de Valdevez. 120 years were not enough for his pioneering work to attract attentive readers. For decades after his death, the heirs let the books disappear from the market. After 1974, connotations with the Estado Novo threw him with other irredeemable people into the septic tank of history. Worse, the university has not yet de-hypnotized itself from Eduardo Lourenço’s biased essay that postulates the genesis of a “New Literature” in 1953, implying that there is only scum behind. Ironically, the so-called genesis work, the sibyl, was chosen by Tomaz from among 34 original manuscripts in a competition. She told José Régio that the rest of the jury leaned towards a neo-realist novel, but “I put my foot down to get the award the sibylbecause if I didn’t hit him, then…” It was just a minor act in a career that already estimated twenty years dedicated to adapting Portuguese fiction to the spirit of Tomaz.