The hasty retirement of Bruce Willis

There were many who were left with their mouths open when they read the news that Bruce Willis was officially retiring from the cinema at the age of 67 after being diagnosed with aphasia, a language disorder that occurs as a result of a brain pathology.

An official statement sharing the news on March 30 was posted by her daughter, Rumer Willis, on her Instagram account, as a warm farewell message also signed by her sisters Scout, Tallulah, Mabel, Evelyn, her mother Demi Moore and the Willis’ current wife, Emma Heming.

Despite his serious cognitive problems, he continued to film for a fee of around 1.8 million euros

Recently Los Angeles Times has published an extensive investigation into the mental health of the great star that may have been the trigger for the family decision. In the article, signed by Meg James and Amy Kaufman, numerous experiences of those who shared filming with the hard of Crystal jungle in the last two years that reflect a curious situation, in which despite his serious cognitive problems, Willis continued to film, without interruption, for a fee that averaged 1.8 million euros and where apparently there was no very rigorous selection criteria. In total, the winner of the Golden Globe for the series Moonlight participated in 22 films in the last 4 years.

The reporters claim to have done some 24 interviews during March in which many technicians pointed out that Willis sometimes felt lost on the set and that he could not memorize his texts, which had been solved with a routine in which another actor reminded him of them. through a device hidden in his ear.

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However, in the last shoot, Without escape his condition had worsened to such an extent that the director was forced to cut out five pages of dialogue from the character he played. The article also notes that when Willis was required to use a firearm, he was usually replaced by a body double, as incidents such as the one that took place during the filming of elite mercenaries in Cincinnati two years ago. Although the producers and the film’s gunsmith deny that this happened, the newspaper reproduces the testimony of two anonymous sources that assure that Willis fired at the wrong moment in two consecutive shots. This is corroborated by actress Lala Kent, who played her daughter and that she had her back turned when Willis pulled the trigger ahead of schedule. A third anonymous source in the article reveals: “We always made sure no one was in the line of fire when he was holding a gun.”

Certainly the quality of the movies he had been shooting lately had alarmed his fans, and even led the organizers of the Razzie Awards to create an exclusive category for the worst Bruce Willis film of the year, something they finally canceled when the disease came to light.

His last big role was in 2013, when he played detective John McClane in The Jungle: A Good Day to Die the fifth and final installment in the franchise. And as of 2015, she has dedicated herself exclusively to making low-budget action movies, with roles that have been shrinking in recent years.

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Actor Bruce Willis in a file image, on January 9, 2019, during his arrival at the premiere of the film

Thanks to an international audience that never forgot him, his name on a billboard secured sales that his agents at the powerful Creative Artist Agency converted into contracts specifying that he couldn’t work more than eight hours a day, actually shortened to four, and that his participation in the filming could not exceed two days. Director of White elephant Jesse V. Jackson, in which he worked with John Malkovich, shared with the newspaper a phrase that Willis released on filming and that left him speechless: “I know why you are here, and I also know why you are here. But what am I doing here?

Apparently, Bruce was always accompanied by a large group of people on the sets, but his right-hand man was Stephen J. Eads, who began working for him as an assistant in the 1990s and in the last films he appeared as a producer. He was the one who took care of taking him where he had to be, earning an average salary of 183,000 euros per film.

If nothing else, the article highlights Willis’s goodwill every time he showed up on a set. Chuck Russell, the director of Paradise City which he filmed last year in Maui, Hawaii, with his old co-star in pulp fiction John Travolta told the newspaper that Bruce was enthusiastic and that during filming he gave his all, despite his difficulties.

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