“The Masked Singer”: Galax’Sis exposed – professional singer causes a surprise

Updated on 04/10/2022 09:37

“I’m just confused all the time,” admits Rea Garvey on “The Masked Singer”. Nevertheless, in the end he is spot on with his guess as to who is under the Galax’Sis mask. And although the jury thinks they already know who the disco ball is, it still has a surprise in store.

There are things that you don’t even do on the side. Or shouldn’t she just do it on the side? Fill up and smoke, for example. Or free climbing and juggling. But there is something else that you shouldn’t combine with another activity, because it requires far too much attention: trying to understand the clues in “The Masked Singer”. That was demonstrated once again on Saturday evening.

“Off-the-peg clothes don’t come into my stable,” says the zebra on Saturday evening in the short film before her appearance on “The Masked Singer”. “The orc is plagued by the hiccups again,” a voice can be heard saying in the orc’s circumstantial clip. And the gorilla can be seen in his little film riding the waves on a giant banana because he likes “water fun”. Understood?

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“Welcome to Moschner Land”

No, you don’t even do it en passant to evaluate the hints that you get as a viewer of “The Masked Singer”. Because here you first have to look and listen very carefully and secondly either have a lot of useless knowledge or the leisure to acquire it. In short: You have to have a lot of time and a stable circle of friends for the clues to “The Masked Singer”.

Granted, the clues are only a small part of the show’s success, but they’re part of it. Just like the confusion they cause in the jury. “What does the duck always mean in the background?” Ruth Moschner asks herself on Saturday evening, for example, when she is puzzling over the orc and when she previously guessed Ella Endlich at the zebra, the reason is as follows: “The clouds could be on her stepmother Carmen Nebel Clues.”

Yes, apparently Ruth Moschner has both a lot of time and a stable circle of friends. In other words, moderator Matthias Opdenhövel also explains guest juror Linda Zervakis, when Moschner explained for a few minutes why the starfish costume was either Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Anna Maria Mühe or Jasmin Schwiers: “Linda, welcome to Moschner-Land.”

Daring tip from “The Masked Singer” guest Linda Zervakis

Linda Zervakis herself is rather the opposite of Ruth Moschner, but has a flash of inspiration that evening. Or at least she thinks she has one: “The evidence never really tells me much,” admits Zervakis after the Galax’Sis performance, but this time has a good feeling because a good tip: Greta Thunberg’s mother! On the one hand, she concludes from Galax’Sis’ single-player statement that it’s getting hotter and hotter, on the other hand, her mother, Malena Ernman, has already sung for Sweden at the ESC.

The situation with Rea Garvey is very different. Shortly before the orc’s appearance, the singer admits: “I’m just confused all the time.” It may seem so to him, but it’s not entirely true. Because Garvey is completely sure of one tip and his colleagues Moschner and Zervakis agree: Only singer Jeannette Biedermann can be under the mask of the disco ball. That can of course be the case, but the viewer only finds out later, because this time the disco ball makes it into the next round again.

Disco ball surprises

But before that, she provides a little surprise at her appearance. At first everything goes quite normally as the singer intones her version of Coldplay’s “Higher Power”. But right in the middle, the dancers take the full-body disco ball from the singer and a second, much smaller disco ball mask appears, which only hides the head. An original idea indeed, which also made Zervakis and Moschner open their mouths.

Rea Garvey, on the other hand, has no open mouth when the loser of the evening has to take off her mask at the end, because the Irishman had just the right instinct. The seven candidates competed against each other in a group of four and a group of three. The three costumed people with the fewest votes from the audience had to sing a second song, after which the final decision was made and this time the fantasy creature Galax’Sis made it.

We remember: Linda Zervakis typed on the mother of climate protection activist Greta Thunberg, Malena Ernman. Rea Garvey, on the other hand, has another suggestion: “I’m convinced that it’s Joana Zimmer,” Garvey guesses at the blind singer and can also convince Ruth Moschner – rightly so. Because the singer, who once became known with the hit “I Believe”, is actually hiding under the Galax’Sis costume. That leaves six costumed celebrities in the running.

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