The master’s degree that responds to the needs of the digital revolution

There is work in the technology sector. The figures support it. It is estimated that one in four companies has difficulty finding specialized digital profiles and more than 10,000 jobs in the field of technology cannot be filled due to a shortage of qualified professionals, according to a survey by DigitalES, the employers’ association of technology companies.

If we take into account that 85% of the jobs of 2030 have not yet been invented, it is best to bet on the present and train in what companies demand today. “We are living in an unprecedented present, because three revolutions are combined and overlapping: the technological, the economic and the ecological”, highlights Dionís Guzmán, director of ISDI Barcelona, ​​who adds: “In the next ten years the economy will be digital and technological, and today companies are looking for professionals who learn quickly, because with learning and experience we can manage these changes”.

Digital MBA teaches the skills, knowledge and methodologies that the most relevant digital companies are looking for today

Guzmán advises future professionals to be “in permanent beta”, ready to update whenever necessary and with the intention of learning continuously. “Betting on people who learn quickly is one of the keys for companies to be competitive and adapt to a constantly changing reality,” says this expert in digital training.

For Antony Poole, director of the Master in Management at EADA Business School and co-director of the DMBA, “the speed of innovation and change in digital technology requires managers and professionals with a broad and deep understanding of how these technologies can transform existing businesses and create new business models for emerging opportunities.”

Guzmán and Poole point out that companies are looking for people specialized in the digital field, with solid soft skills, capable of providing solutions, participating in change and, above all, being efficient and effective in business. Profiles that adapt to the reality of the market, with the training in leadership and strategy offered by a traditional master’s degree, but also with the knowledge of technology and digitization that is acquired by being in contact with the best active professionals.

Knowledge provided by programs such as the Digital MBA, a master’s degree promoted jointly by ISDI, the business school for the digital age, and EADA Business School. With a duration of ten months (450 hours), it is taught 100% in English and in the afternoon, so that it is compatible with the working day.

With a duration of ten months, the Digital MBA is taught in English and in the afternoon, so that it is compatible with the working day

“The Digital MBA is born from a key vision of the talent that today’s companies need”, says Poole, since it is a program that arises as a result of the demands and businessmen and entrepreneurs, which follows 100% real and practical methodologies, and It requires students – with an international focus – to apply everything learned from the first day, something that transforms them into professionals instead of students.

The program explores techniques such as strategy, innovation, digital marketing, e-commerce, data analytics or technology, with key trends for the future business such as IoT, metaverse, blockchain or machine learning. But it’s not just what you learn, it’s also who you learn with. EADA and ISDI have brought together more than a hundred active experts, leaders in the sector in their respective areas, with whom students discover where to go

In addition, what makes it definitive is that mix between the integration of training in leadership and strategic development as key competencies together with more specialized training in technology and digital, without forgetting that the participants finish the program with the most demanded technological certifications: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, or Microsoft Power Platform.

93% employability

With 93% employability before finishing the master’s degree or in the first six months after finishing it, the DMBA turns its students into such desirable profiles that they start working even before finishing the program. This 2021-2022 academic year, its employment exchange has managed more than 380 specific offers focused on the members of the program, and each student usually knows and carries out an average of four job interviews before deciding on one of the offers from the main partners of the program.

The key to high job placement lies in the integration of students in an employability path that prepares them to design their own career plan, and sell their best skills in a pitch, in addition to putting them in contact with the main employability partners of the master’s degree, which they go to attract talent, such as Accenture, Cabify, Glovo, L’Oréal, Fever, Repsol, Reckitt or Affinity, among others.

Among the most outstanding professional opportunities offered by the ISDI and EADA Digital MBA we find Digital Transformation Project Manager; Strategy Consultant; Digital Analyst; Ecommerce Specialist; Business Intelligence Analyst; Growth Marketing Specialist; Brand Media & Creative; UX Specialist or CRM Specialist, among others.

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