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Do you like heavy metal?Kevin, a skinny, bespectacled, and shy teenager, asks Emily, a girl who hates playing in her school’s marching band and blows off some steam by plucking some notes off an old cello.

She smiles and answers him with another question. Rock of Ages style? –referring to a Def Leppard eighties song–. But Kevin tells him no and clarifies that it’s more of a post-death-doom metal style, something more extreme. He then hands her a sheet of music for a song called Machinery of Torment, and Emily plays it in two seconds. She may also love heavy rock.

That could be the scene that best describes the soul of Metal Lords, the Netflix movie that opens today, about a group of young people who don’t fit inwho have trouble communicating, who sadly find emotional stability on some psychiatric drugs.

But at the same time they live and die by the wail of an electric guitar and some stories that seem to be taken from the depths of hell.

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Kevin and Hunter strike up a friendship centered around their love of hard rock.

This is not the eighties, when hard rock ruled among those rebels far from the typical. In the world of Kevin and Emily, youth parties are enlivened by Ed Sheeran, It is the present and the setting for this story that was conceived and written by DB Weiss, one of the architects (along with David Benioff) of the successful Game of Thrones series.

A brutal twist on those lands with witches, dragons and kings, which bets on the typical teenage school scene with warriors, but armed with guitars and t-shirts from the mythical group Celtic Frost, some boys who are just trying to find their place in the world .

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The rock and then the throne

There’s a great sense of the autobiographical in this simple, funny and sweetly rocking story, which DB Weiss confessed to sketching out long before he took over the scripts for Game of Thrones.

In his youth he did not dream of telling tales of dragons, incestuous families seeking power among burning kingdoms, and possibly he would not have read George RR Martin. (the creator of the literary universe of that game of thrones); Weiss had his head stuck between the brutal chords of Pantera’s guitar or the surprising changes of rhythm that Metallica delivered on their first albums. He too was wandering the halls of his school in a black Anthrax T-shirt (actually maybe a little gray from wearing it too much). It was time to relive and share some of those experiences.

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A brutal twist on those lands with witches, dragons and kings, which bets on the typical teenage school scene with warriors, but armed with guitars and Celtic Frost shirts.

“My life was pretty happy and uneventful, which doesn’t make it an inspiration for a great narrative. But I go back and remember that he was a great son of music. I am still a child given over to this music. I played in a band in high schoolAnd when you do that, there’s a comical discrepancy between how important what you’re doing seems to you and how important it seems to someone outside of you, it’s not really important at all,” joked D. B Weiss in a talk to the who had access to THE TIME.

“Like in the movie, I had the experience of being in a band with my friends and then joining another when they lost their guitarist. So I started playing, but his world was a little different from mine, and that experience was the core of the story of this film. It is almost pure fiction, but freely extracted from my life, “he acknowledged.

Metal Lords follows the friendship of Kevin and Hunter, the latter even more radical in his love of music. Both want to win a battle of the bands and vindicate that ‘music from the devil’ that seems like an anachronistic memory from other childhoods. They go through thick and thin trying to get a bass player. Hunter sounds like continuing as a duo, but Kevin can’t stop thinking about the cello.

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David Benioff and DB Weiss

David Benioff and DB Weiss (right) created the series Game of Thrones.

“I actually wrote the first version of the actual script in the early 2000s and met producer Greg Shapiro, through David Benioff (another metal fan, it must be said). But when David and I started working on Game of Thrones, around 2006, I figured the plan was: If the show fell apart, I’d go and do my metal movie with Greg.”

“Thirteen years later, I was talking to Greg and he said: ‘Let’s do Metal Lords’. Shapiro had won an Oscar for the film The Hurt Locker and had produced Zero Dark Thirty and a saga of comedies inspired by two friends, Harold and Kumar”, recalled the screenwriter.

metal lords

Emily and Kevin bond over a rock dream that overrides their personal issues.

“You won an Academy Award, you don’t have to make a metal movie”Weiss once told Shapiro, but he loved the story of friendship, rock and young love that was glimpsed in this adventure, which adds some small chords of drama.

Kevin is fragile, Hunter reveals the sadness of a troubled relationship with his father, and Emily deals with some mental issues.

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But when David and I started working on ‘Game of Thrones,’ around 2006, I figured the plan was: If the show fell apart, I’d go and do my metal movie with Greg.”

“Obviously, Emily’s issues are different, but in both cases, I wanted those issues to be there and feel real, but not drown out the movie. We’ve all met people who have a lot to deal with, whether it’s personal tragedies or anything else. But many of them did not let that define their lives. So I fought so that those problems did not affect the identity of the film”, he emphasizes.

Really, a bit of metal can always save the day.

Metal Lords will appeal to the metalhead who loves nostalgia and the audience who loves to see simple redemptions. It is a tribute to the genre. But Metal Lords is not the new School of Rock (cult movie in which children discover, from the hand of a teacher, played by Jack Black, the benefits of rock and roll), nor is it a joke about a stage in life. “It’s for rockers, but look for others to be interested what these guys experience and their personal journey.”

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And it goes without saying that the Machinery of Torment song was developed by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, and some of the solos heard and seen in the film were created by Steve Vai, one of metal’s greatest guitarists. “It’s a music that you will never leave,” concludes Weiss, who continues to treasure his Slayer and Anthrax t-shirts.


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