The Moon Knight series could connect with Thor: Love and Thunder

The events of Moon Knight could introduce us to the main villain of Thor: Love and thunder (eye spoilers)

If you follow the news of everything that happens. You will know that Christian Bale joined the cast of Thor: love and thunder to play its main villain, Gorr the butcher god. So it’s unlikely that audiences would just see him fighting Thor without witnessing the slaying of other gods, something we might see in moon knight.

Marvel Studios is bringing the gods into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, perhaps for the sole purpose of serving them up on a silver platter to the godslayer. The panther goddess Bast was already introduced in Black Panther, and now the Disney+ series, Moon Knight, It is about a war between gods. which could appear in love and thunder to be killed by Gorr, except one.

There is a line of dialogue in the most recent episode of moon knight that can prevent Khonshu from appearing alongside the rest of the Egyptian deities, which could save him from Gorr.

Khonshu, a couple

In the last episode of moon knightArthur Harrow reveals to Steven Grant that Khonshu was banished by his fellow gods.

Harrow disparages the moon god and tells Grant: “He often throws tantrums, like a two-year-old,” before being confirmed seconds later by Khonshu having a tantrum in which he knocks over various objects with gusts of wind. But, the problem is that, according to Harrow, “None of the gods respect him. Perhaps that is why he is banished ».

Khonshu’s reputation is no better in the Moon Knight comics where he constantly interferes in the mortal realm. He even attempted to take over the world, only to be defeated by his own Avatar and thrown into an Asgardian prison.

The only way Harrow could have found out about this story is through Ammit. Unless Khonshu uncharacteristically admitted his status among his fellow gods to his former Avatar. Considering that, Ammit must have been imprisoned in her tomb after Khonshu had already been banished by the other gods who had her. “betrayed”.

It means that Khonshu has been cast out of the Ennead for centuries, and has been left to roam the Earth jumping from Avatar to Avatar to impart what he sees as “royal justice” in the world. Perhaps Khonshu does it to redeem himself in the eyes of the other deities, but the moon god might be lucky to remain banished.

We will know the wrath of Gorr

beanie vs thor

Gorr is by far one of the most iconic Thor villains in the comics. It took him three Thors from the other side of time to defeat the god of thunder. But, Gorr wasn’t always so powerful. When Gorr was nobody he wandered through a desolate and unknown world. His life was plagued with tragedies and he ultimately cursed the gods for not answering his prayers.

Then fate bestowed Gorr with a blessing, as a weapon of terrible power fell at his feet, and with it, he set out on a quest for revenge to slay as many gods as he could. For thousands of years, she took revenge on countless gods across the stars, either killing them, turning them into slaves, or even crucifying them for the other gods to see.

Gorr’s hatred against all gods knew no bounds in the comics. And that fury we will be able to verify it in love and thunder when he attacks New Asgard, home of the last of the Norse gods. But there are other gods on Earth.

Confirmed in Thor: Love and Thunder, Zeus and Bast

Russell Crowe has already revealed that he will play Zeus, and actress Akosia Sabet will play Wakanda’s goddess Bast. Not to mention that Moon Knight revolves around a war between Egyptian gods. So Marvel Studios is obviously filling the universe with deities for Gorr to kill.

After all, most of these gods have homes or dimensions where they live, like Mount Olympus or the Egyptian gods’ pocket dimension, Celestial Heliopolis, from which Khonshu was presumably exiled.

However, a lone moon god who is using a human as an Avatar to fight criminals on the street? could go unnoticed by Gorr, especially when there is a place where all the Egyptian deities are found together.

In that case the God of Vengeance should probably consider himself lucky to have been banished; otherwise, she might have fallen prey to Gorr’s own vengeance. It can also work to the benefit of Khonshu. After all, if the Ennead is left with empty seats, who is left to fill one or all of them but Khonshu himself?

Fans will find out which gods die at the hands of Gorr when they see Thor: love and thunder in theaters July 8.

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