The Portuguese brand that has matching jackets for owners and big dogs

The Portuguese brand that has matching jackets for owners and dogs

Bluff Denim stands out in the market for its irreverent coats. Now, it has extended the offer to animals.

It is an opportunity to connect with your partner.

Love is expressed in many ways, especially when we talk about our pets. We can feed them, offer affection or even dress them in the cutest pieces of clothing. That’s the main objective of Bluff Denim, which launched this March a line of personalized jackets so that everyone can match their dogs.

Maria Inês Prim is only 20 years old, she is taking a Psychology course in Lisbon, but her passion for fashion has always moved her. That’s why she launched a business specializing in denim jackets full of diamonds, threads and many other applications so that customers can differentiate themselves from other jackets that we come across on the street.

With the aim of valuing differences, showing that each woman is special, the brand creates “distinctive coats for unique women”, regardless of age or size, for example. The idea of ​​expanding its offer, creating unique and personalized products for animals, was inspired by a pioneering project that the parents themselves developed in the 90s.

“I always heard my parents tell many stories of the force that moved them, as university students, to create a company [de vestuário animal]”, it says. “My parents’ love for animals never passed us by, as we always had bigeyes that were part of our world.”

Recovering her parents’ idea was, for the founder of Bluff Denim, an opportunity to go back in time and start over. “People are increasingly adopting animals and dedicating their time and love to them. They are part of the family,” she continues. “There will always be some models that are customizable in the same way, creating very special denim jackets with noble materials, so that the puppy can go on walks in harmony with its adult or child owner”.

The label launched the collection on March 23. Dog clothes cost €19.90. Jackets for the owners range from €39 to €49.

Adapted to the taste of each animal.

At the base of this innovative idea is the affection that the creator feels for her companion: a Yorkshire who loves to take pictures and walk around dressed up “without making fun of her”. “I wear coats that she can run in on the beach, play in the garden and be a dog. Who said a happy dog ​​can’t be cool?

Due to the colors, materials and textures, each coat has its own energy that is transported to the canine universe and that corresponds to the owner’s taste. “We choose the bed, the feeder and the leash for our animals because of our taste”, she continues.

The brand’s novelty focuses on dogs, but: “As for making denim jackets for other animals, why not? Challenge us”, he says. Regardless of the dog in question, the goal is to include it in the “feeling of being beautiful, feeling that they can be warm and at the same time very cool”.

“I sincerely believe that a clothing brand is an extension of someone and, in my world, dogs are a part of the family. Dressing is like buying food or taking it to the vet”, concludes Maria Inês. “How can this connection seem unlikely? It’s a love bond, that’s all.”

Bluff Denim created its own space in Odivelas, on November 29, but the project was born on Instagram — where most sales continue to come from.

Click on the gallery to see how some of these custom models look on dogs and their owners.

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