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Knowing coffee like the back of your hand, knowing the difference between a light or dark roast and realizing that, more than a drink, coffee can — and should — be an experience. This is what makes a barista a true coffee expert.

But what sets these professionals apart from anyone else working in the restaurant industry? Nuno Castanheira, trainer at Academia Barista by Nestlé, explains: “A barista is a professional who knows the art of coffee from the source to the cup — who knows all the possibilities of flavors and aromas that coffee can convey, from acidity to bitterness. , and the more citrusy notes, those of caramel and cocoa”.

These professionals know well the origins of coffee and how they influence the taste and aroma that we taste in each cup. From the origins of coffee, the altitude of the plantation, the way it is harvested (by hand or through a machine), whether the treatment process is drier or wetter, and, finally, the roasting process. The roasting process is extremely important, and there are three types of roasting: there are shorter roasts, called light roasts, medium roasts and the longer roasts, dark roasts. “It is in this process and mixture of several factors, aromas and characteristics that the barista develops his work to create unique flavors”, explains Nuno Castanheira.

And it was thanks to this discovery of unique flavors that Monika Tamulynaite, barista at Chelsea Coffee & Brunch, in Faro, fell in love with this drink. “The first time I drank coffee, I didn’t like the taste!” she told us. Born in Lithuania, a country with a very different coffee culture than ours, Monika was curious enough to start trying different coffees and exploring how these flavors are created. “I wanted to find the perfect coffee for me,” she explained. Without wishing to spoil the surprise, we can say that the love story between Monika and coffee had a happy ending, and all thanks to Roastelier®.


Roastelier®: freshly roasted, endless possibilities

Until now, baristas had at their disposal the selection of origins and blends to use, as well as the preparation of the coffee, but the all-important roasting was something they could not customize. All this changes with the innovative Roastelier® concept. This solution, introduced for the first time in Europe by Nestlé Professional, allows baristas, , to roast coffee on the spot, in their establishments, controlling the process and profile of the roasting, and offering the opportunity to create unique and differentiating blends.

The coffee used in the Roastelier® solution is composed of 100% Arabica beans (which allow for smoother flavors and versatility of aromas) from three unique origins: Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil. Coffee arrives with a first roast, in which the bean has not yet developed aromas and flavors, and from there, baristas have the opportunity to finish the roasting process in front of the customer and create unique coffee experiences.

Portugal is one of the first three countries in Europe to have this concept, having been selected for the passion that Portuguese consumers have for coffee. “When I arrived in Portugal, I realized that the coffee culture was bigger than anywhere else”, explains Monika. The barista is responsible for roasting coffee at Chelsea Coffee & Brunch, roasting several kilos every day from the three coffee origins — Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil — and creating the house’s signature blend. “Each origin is roasted differently. Then I combine the three origins in different proportions during grinding to create our house blend,” she says. “Our customers enjoy a unique coffee, which combines characteristics of the three origins: from Brazil it has notes of cocoa, from Colombia it has caramel and spices and from Ethiopia it has citrus notes and some acidity”.

Steven Martins, the owner and manager of the space in Faro, is also a true coffee lover, which is why he immediately accepted the challenge proposed by Nestlé Professional. “It is an innovative project and it gave me the opportunity to be a pioneer in Portugal”, he told the Observer. “We have the Signature Café, which is the house blend, which is a unique coffee and can only be drunk here”. Satisfied with the success of the differentiating coffee, he adds: “From day one, people notice that our coffee is different. It has very good acceptance and I invite everyone to come and try it.”

This possibility of creating signature blends is, along with freshly roasted roasting, one of the true differentiating aspects of this coffee, which allows baristas more freedom to explore all the flavor possibilities inherent in coffee, and create experiences that are unique. and exclusive to your space and your customers. For Nuno Castanheira, being able to offer this tool to his baristas and trainees is a real pride: “Roastelier® comes to raise his profession to the highest level. It is to give them the possibility to develop the whole theme of coffee, at levels never seen before in Portugal and in the world”.

A unique coffee experience for every customer

Customers are also not indifferent to Roastelier®: despite the modern and welcoming style of the space, what immediately stands out to those who enter is the delicious aroma of freshly roasted coffee, which pleases and arouses curiosity. “People usually don’t know the process”, explains Monika, “and when I show them that we roast the coffee right away, they are surprised and curious to try our blend and even take it home”, referring to the sale of the blend by home in take away, also made on site.

As a barista, Monika has the possibility to explore flavors, and create different coffee drinks according to each customer’s preference. Not only the classic espresso, but also filter coffee, Chemex, cold coffees, with milk… the possibilities are endless, which makes each coffee unique and special. Who doesn’t want to have the perfect cup of coffee, made with their tastes in mind?

For the barista, all this makes her work richer and more rewarding: “The best thing is when the customer tastes the coffee and I realize that it was the perfect coffee for the person!”.

What is your profile for roasted coffee with Roastelier®?



Excited to try coffee roasted with Roastelier®? Your barista will be able to help you find your flavor profile, but you can explore your preferences right away!

Sweet and citrusy profile

Perfect for your afternoon coffee and for those who like a round and balanced flavor, with notes of lemon tart, sweet citrus and cookies.

Extraction: Express
Roast: Clara
Origin: Ethiopia

vibrant chocolate

With a sweet milk chocolate flavor and floral notes, choose Colombian origin for a coffee with vibrant and exciting acidity.

Extraction: Express
Roast: Clara
Origin: Colombia

Fruity with caramel notes

A coffee that balances the acidity of the fruit combined with subtle notes of caramel.

Extraction: Filter
Roast: Medium
Origin: Colombia

lasting cocoa

If you like a rich, sweet and complex coffee with hints of nuts and cocoa, ask your barista for origins in Brazil and receive a coffee with a taste that stays in your mouth.

Extraction: Express
Roast: Dark
Origin: Brazil

intense and dark

If you want your coffee intense in the mouth, but with a delicate flavor with hints of chocolate, choose filter coffee from Brazil. The aftertaste is like a coffee liqueur.

Medium Roast

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