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Superman can pack up because this anime hero is invincible! “One Punch Man” finishes off each of his opponents with just a single punch. Today the adventures of the mighty bald man can be seen for the first time on free TV on ProSieben Maxx.

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The hero from the anime “One Punch Man” has the superpower to destroy even the strongest enemy with a single punch. On April 8, 2022, ProSieben Maxx will show the first two episodes of “One Punch Man” as a free TV premiere. After that, it continues on a weekly basis with two more episodes each. Overall, the station shows the entire first season, consisting of twelve episodes.

If you miss the TV broadcast, you can watch the series on the Crunchyroll streaming service. Then there is also season 2, which, however, has come in for a lot of criticism due to the much poorer animation quality. Of course, “One Punch Man” is also available on DVD and Blu-ray for home cinema:

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» “One Punch Man” season 1 on Blu-ray on Amazon*

This is “One Punch Man”

“One Punch Man” is about Saitama, who one day decided to become a hero in order to be able to counter the many monsters that populate his city. He trained so hard his hair fell out and became so powerful that he would pulverize any opponent, no matter how big and muscular, with a single blow.

But with great power comes great boredom. There’s simply no one left to match Saitama in battle, and the bald hero finds himself in an existential crisis of meaning. One day, Saitama meets the cyborg Genos, who also wants to be a hero and becomes Saitama’s disciple. Together, the two join the Hero Association, a group of heroes whose goal is to protect the world from monsters and villains.

But despite Saitama’s extraordinary strength, he must first work his way up there before he too is recognized as an S-class hero. Saitama half-heartedly decides to devote himself to this goal. After all, he doesn’t have anything better to do anyway and who knows? Maybe in his work as a professional superhero he will meet a worthy opponent after all…

A brilliant anime and superhero satire

+++ Opinion +++

While “One Punch Man” works well as a superhero parody, it’s primarily a satire on typical shonen anime, i.e. series such as “Dragon Ball Z”, “One Piece” and “Naruto”, which are primarily aimed at male adolescents. The process is usually very similar: A naive, optimistic young hero sees himself exposed to ever-increasing dangers, but through his unconditional will to win and the strength of friendship he manages to overcome even the most difficult hurdle and grows with his tasks, while the next even more powerful opponent is already lurking around the next corner.

“One Punch Man” plays with these genre conventions and turns them on their opposite. Because Saitama has nothing to grow on. He has already reached the absolute zenith of his power. There are no challenges for him. No opponent can withstand his blow.

The satire succeeds so well precisely because “One Punch Man” makes fun of animes like “Dragon Ball Z”, but at the same time celebrates them. Because the fights and animations (at least in season 1) are among the best in the whole genre!

When Saitama throws a punch, it really bangs. Enemies are blown to pieces and whole blocks of houses are reduced to rubble and ashes. Precisely because the series plays with such absurdly high power levels, there is plenty of potential for spectacular action sequences, from which the animation studio Madhouse gets the maximum out.

But “One Punch Man” also has an excellent sense of humor. The design of the bizarre heroes and monsters is really wacky and many gags work just on the image level, which is due to the animation style, which is deliberately completely exaggerated in some cases.

With a running time of just six hours, the first season “One Punch Man” is an entertaining pleasure with a high gag frequency and many action highlights. Anime fans should not miss this unique adventure.

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