the three big factors why the series with Oscar Isaac has become the most unusual creation of Marvel in years

‘Moon Knight’ has begun and since its first episode it has managed to re-engage many in the television version of Marvel Studios, which have been concatenating series with somewhat excessive regularity in the Disney+ window, causing its cascade of content to lose steam with series that have fallen into the predictable like ¡Ojo de hawk’, so a different approach to the same theme as always seemed necessaryand at its starting point it succeeds.

The adaptation of one of Marvel’s not so well known characters gives the opportunity to create a new laboratory to experimentbringing directors like Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson to the table and proposing a whole mythology associated with the character that allows for a balance of genres. There is adventure and action, but also a moment of psychological horror and the appearance of creatures, entities and elements of other types of cinema that are not always welcome in the company’s recent products.

forced narrative solipsism

Here we are told the story of a museum worker struggling with dissociative identity disorder who is given the powers of an Egyptian moon god, but unlike other characters who become superheroes as a drastic transformation, such as ‘Shazam!’ o Hulk, the Moon Knight is not fully aware of the change when it happens, because he lets in (or is invaded) by a spirit, which leads the change to the metaphysical, as each personality can doubt who he is himself because of the actions of others who “coexist” with him.

In a way, the plot offers a variation of the format of ‘Multiple’ (Split, 2016), in which different personalities fight to replace the same character, with one of them dominant who turns out to be a superhero. The difference with Shyamalan’s film is that here we don’t see the changes from the outside, but we are told by closing the perspective on Marc/Stevenin such a way that we accompany him in a concatenation of “absences” that we can only guess, like him, by the changes of location.


The beginning does not waste time on anything else, we jump along with it in blocks, pinches and changes of situation, sometimes for days, sometimes for a few minutes or even seconds, which constantly relocate us, sometimes in different locations, sometimes in the same only a small period of time in which things have happened that we can infer based on what we can observe. This is basically a narrative game of forced ellipses leading inevitably to desperate comic effect and a confusion as to what is real, or who the real protagonist is.

A slapstick recital of Oscar Isaac


Everything gives a dizzying sensation because these lapses can take place in the middle of a chase or in a situation in which the character has flirted without remembering it. It’s a bit like the resource of the “lost reel” of ‘Planet Terror’ (2007) taken to a psychological field, curiously similar to what the brilliant science fiction series ‘Severance’ (2022), released just a few weeks ago, raises . But if this idea works, it is not only because of its assembly, because what Oscar Isaac manages to do in ‘Moon Knight’ is not normal.

The actor carries the entire first act on his shoulders for 90 minutesdelivering a role full of reactions and relentless physical comedy with the camera glued to his face at all times. The series is expensive, but he is the most spectacular special effect. Hawke embodies a great villain too, but Isaac is hilarious and natural, he is a rediscovery like Chris Hemsworth’s in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, taking advantage of the opportunity that Marvel offers him, not playing the typical role of well-known actor. who-plays-a-superhero and it’s his turn to come upstairs in solemnity.

Autonomy without cameos: The confidant Marvel

Perhaps the most appreciated thing about the set is that it feels like the first Marvel movies to feature a character. There are no entry or exit routes for other elements of the universe to drive itthere is no member of the Avengers taking a chick to accompany him on his first attempts at flight. The reliance on cameos, the increasingly complicated network of events in some series and other movies makes the whole a rich universe, but each piece loses personality and strength.

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‘Moon Knight’ avoids this weight and if anyone wants to leave the adventure here there is nothing that commits you to seeing the previous two hundred hours of the universe. It doesn’t even have exactly the same visual appearance as the latest movies and series, although it isn’t very different either, but there is an awareness and willingness to re-invent, to present someone within their own rules and their own tone that makes For once, the title of the proposal weighs more than that of the Marvel logo.


‘Moon Knight’ has started impeccably, a whirlwind of harrowing and funny situations with touches of psychological horror and creatures that leaves no room for boredom and that Oscar Isaac turns into a one man show heir to the best Bruce Campbell. With a first act conceived to engage and that sets a pace that will be difficult to keep up with the other chapters. But If a series had to be judged by its first rung, this would undoubtedly be Marvel’s best so far..

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