The tragic love story between Pedro I and Inês de Castro, the woman who became queen after her death

image source, Getty Images

“It’s a story as old as time: two lovers unjustly separated. But while the drama of King Pedro I and his queen Inês de Castro has shades of Romeo and Juliet in its origin, it ends in an even more macabre place: imagine the Shakespeare love story but with a horror movie ending.

With those words, the journalist and writer Holly Williams describes for the BBC one of the most adapted stories of all time.

Based on a true story from medieval Portugal, the myth of Pedro and Inês it has everything -as Williams says-, from passionate youthful love to the coronation of a corpse.

According to the chronicle written around 1440 by the Portuguese historian Fernão Lopes, about 100 years earlier Prince Pedro I fell in love with Inês de Castro, who was his wife’s lady-in-waiting and whose father was a Spanish nobleman.

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