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The hall of fame WWE takes place one night before wrestling to take advantage of the presence of fans from all over the world. On this occasion, Dallas is the epicenter of wrestling and has fans and media from five continents. El Comercio was in the induction of the undertaker Alabama Hall of Fame in a ceremony that had many seasonings: the first show –SmackDown– was quite discreet and caused a journalist with jetlag to fall asleep in his seat, pyrotechnics everywhere, impeccable production and camera management, a packed stadium, the unpublished words from Vince McMahon and many fans with polo shirts or hats alluding to the deadman, who had to wait until 10:40 pm (started at 6:45 pm) to witness the entry of the legend to the platform that was created in the middle of the ring. Those who are not connected to the world of wrestling wonder: why is it so important the undertaker? Given this, we talked with four fighters who will be in wrestling on the relevance of the ‘Dead Man’ in the history of WWE.

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WWE He presented two consecutive shows on Friday night: first SmackDown, which he called wrestling SmackDown, and then the Hall of Fame. The American Airlines Center was packed with fans eagerly awaiting induction into the Hall Of Fame. Hats, characterized children, allusive poles and chants of “Thank You Taker” accompanied all the fights of an event that was quite discreet and left everyone present wanting to see Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, the two fighters who will be in the main event on night 2 of wrestling. After finishing the blue brand show, in just 15 minutes, the production was in charge of transforming the ring into a stage for the Hall of Fame.

A part of the promotional video of The Undertaker's Hall of Fame induction
From the American Airlines Center, El Comercio was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for The Undertaker

After two hours, Vince McMahon came out, breaking with his tradition, to present his greatest creation. the undertaker He is probably the most important character in the entire history of WWE. Always hand in hand with Vince, the Deadman knew how to reinvent himself on numerous occasions: The American Badass, the Ministry of Darkness, the brothers of destruction (along with Kane), The Deadman, among other characters he had.taker‘ throughout his career.

The speech was emotional: Vince put the undertaker at the same level as the most important in the whole WWE as Ricky Steamboat, Bruno Sammartino. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart or The Rock. Likewise, the boss affirmed that he always trusted the undertaker as one of the greatest legends of the WWEthat’s why he decided to induct him into the Hall of Fame.

Mr. McMahon was in charge of inducing The Undertaker
El Comercio was in Dallas for The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame induction

At 11:02 pm, at the American Airlines Center, the undertaker made his entrance to the arena. With its classical music, dimmed lights and a density that is only experienced in the arena. The audience standing up, applauding, toasted ‘taker‘ a rarely seen ovation. For more than 10 minutes, the fans shouted, applauded and sang songs like “Thank you Taker”, “You deserve it” or “Legend”. Although he tried to avoid emotions, the legend of WWE he burst into tears in the middle of the ring, creating a unique moment in the arena.

With this brief summary of what was a wonderful night for WWE fans, you had to ask the current stars of the wrestling for the meaning of the undertaker. On Friday morning, at media day, I spoke with Becky Lynch, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Naomi about the relevance of the ‘Deadman’ in WWE.

The Undertaker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame
The Undertaker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

Becky Lynch on The Undertaker: “It makes me sad that we won’t see him in the ring anymore”

The Raw Women’s Champion arrived at the Omni Hotel for press interviews on Friday morning. With her new look, a hair product that Bianca Belair cut, the Irish woman told us what Undertaker means to her: “Of course he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He represents WWE. I’m sad that I won’t be able to see him fight again, but you never know. There were some Hall of Famers who fought again like Beth Phoenix, Lita, Edge, among others. Going back to Undertaker, I think he deserves it more than anyone.”

Kevin Owens: “I don’t think anyone deserves the Hall of Fame more than The Undertaker”

Kevin Owens has declared himself a big fan of ‘The Undertaker’. He was one of the fighters who was present during the Deadman’s induction ceremony and on Friday morning he also had words for the legend of WWE: “I don’t know if any superstar deserves more than The Undertaker to enter the Hall of Fame of the WWE. He had a great career and won many championships. It will be very nice to see him tonight (this interview took place in the morning) in Dallas, his home. He deserves everything good that is happening to him.”

Kevin Owens - The Trade
Kevin Owens spoke about the segment with Stone Cold at WrestleMania Description: Kevin Owens spoke with Leonardo Torres, a journalist from DT, about the segment he will have on night 1 of WrestleMania with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Naomi: “The Undertaker was an inspiration to everyone”

Naomi is now in the women’s tag-team division and will go for gold in wrestling; however, he also took time to tell us his views on the induction of The Undertaker: “I share what Becky said, it fills me with sadness to know that she will no longer be in the ring. We all learned a lot about him. In the locker room, Taker was highly respected. What made him special was his personal gift, he was always available to give you advice or explain the business better. I was not too close, but he recommended that I be patient. There are only two spots for the main event, all the rest of us have to work hard. And he tried so hard to put on a great show, he was such an inspiration.”

AJ Styles: “It was an honor to have fought The Undertaker at WrestleMania”

Of the four interviewed, only AJ Styles has faced the undertaker on wrestling. It was in the 36th edition, during the pandemic, in a Boneyard match. Although it was not a live fight, doing it during wrestling He gave a halo of epicity to said combat. ‘The Phenomenal’ said the following about Taker: “It was an honor for me to have fought against him. As you say, for me, WrestleMania is talking about The Undertaker. You can’t put it separately. They’re synonyms. Yes, he beat me, but the experience was unique, one of the best moments of my career”.

Then he finished: “We did not discover anything saying that Taker is one of the greatest in WWE history. If Vince McMahon chooses to induce you, it means that you were someone really important. It will be nice to be able to witness that moment (the interview was on Friday) because I know that it matters a lot to him. I hope he doesn’t break, it will be difficult, but I know we’re all going to give him a standing ovation”.

AJ Styles faced The Undertaker at WrestleMania
AJ Styles faced The Undertaker at WrestleMania


Becky Lynch - The Trade
From Dallas, Leonardo Torres, a journalist for Total Sport, spoke with Becky Lynch prior to the duel against Bianca Belair at WrestleMania. Similarly, he referred to The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin.


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