The viral game that tells you if you can hit Chris Rock like Will Smith: test online

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Maybe the Will Smith open-handed slap to Chris Rock during the 94th Oscar gala on March 28 was not the strongest ever seen. However, it has had the impact of a social media tsunamigenerating a barrage of reactions that seems to have no end. The new invention that has caused the scandal is a fun game that contrasts with the tension experienced at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles: “How fast can you slap Chris Rock?

the game, which does not require you to download any application for your enjoyment (it is 100% online), has been created by Tyler Hamilton, an amateur netizen to computer science and to the Oscars. Its mechanics are simple, although the title deceives: there are only a yellow handin the style of WhatsApp emoticons, and a face to slap. But, in this case, it is not necessarily that of Chris Rock -as the title promises and it happened in real life- but that of Will Smith also appears. A smiling Smith waiting for you to give him the forceful open-handed slap.

In this way, the creator of the game seems to side with the vast majority of people who has condemned the performance of Will Smith for the use of violence. How to explain, if not, that the face that is slapped is not only that of Chris Rock?

On the other hand, the networks They have also shown their rejection of the humorist’s joke American and his lack of tact with Jada Pinkett’s disease. Some have even found an explanation for Smith’s smack in that. The reactions have been so varied that the only winners of all this have been the memes and the smartest, like the creator of this game or the toy company that brought out the doll from the slap.

Perhaps for this reason, Tyler Hamilton has also included the option of hitting Chris Rock instead of Will Smith: “I wanted Chris Rock“Says a user on Twitter. It is a game to reduce tension and laugh, not to contribute to the climate of opposing sides. Let everyone choose the face they prefer to cross.

The networks have not been slow to make the game in question viral. As simple as it may seem at first glance, the truth is that the idea hooks and is quite funny. There are no winners or losers, it just tells you how fast, measured in miles per hour, you were able to hit Chris Rock or Will Smith. It is a variant of those arcade games at the fair that told you the power with which you were able to hit a bag or hit a hammer.

However, users have not been slow to make the game a kind of competition. On twitter, share the brands that they have obtained: “I could not find a way to exceed 72 km / h“, says Luis Cáceres. The truth is that it is a very good record, since it is difficult to go over 25 km/h.

In this link you can try it yourself. Good luck!

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