“The Walking Dead”: Finally there’s the long trailer and start date for season 11C, the grand finale of the zombie series! – Series news

With the final eight episodes of “The Walking Dead” an era is coming to an end this year. Watch the official trailer for Season 11, Part 3, the grand conclusion to the long-running hit series.

The Walking Dead is coming to an end. Words that still sound kind of strange to a longtime fan of the series. Although critical voices have long been accusing the zombie series of going on for far too long, all those who have been with Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa McBride) and Co. live through the undead apocalypse, probably still getting used to it. After we saw the first short teaser for Season 11C in April, the broadcaster AMC has now replenished it as part of Comic-Con in San Diego. Here is the first long trailer for the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead. Season 11, Part 3 will be released on Disney+ on October 3, 2022 (in the trailer the start date is October 2nd, but this refers to the USA, in Germany it is a day later due to the time difference).

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What’s next in The Walking Dead Season 11C?

After Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) and his troops take Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside by force, all hope of peaceful coexistence is gone. Now Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Daryl and company must find a way to fight back. They may be assisted by Eugene’s (Josh McDermitt) group, who are in the process of inciting a riot in the Commonwealth that could result in the sophisticated community’s soldiers being needed for homeland security and unavailable for Hornsby’s campaign of conquest will.

However, in addition to this major conflict, there were also a number of other arcs that were started throughout the series that should be completed. Will Rick (Andrew Lincoln) return? Will we see Michonne (Danai Gurira) again? And what about the other large communities whose existence has only been hinted at in “The Walking Dead” so far, like the Civic Republic around Jadys (Polyanna McIntosh) or the unknown group Michonne is traveling with?

Maybe season 11C will give us the answers, or maybe they won’t come until the spin-offs that follow.

These “TWD” spin-offs follow the main series

Of course, after the finale of The Walking Dead, fans will continue to get a boost in the form of Fear The Walking Dead, of which Season 8 has already been confirmed. The series “World Beyond” was canceled after two seasons, but three more spin-off series are already in the works. The anthology series “Tales Of The Walking Dead” will be released in the USA even before the “TWD” finale on August 14, 2022 on AMC+ (there is no German date yet). A trailer has also been released for this:

The first trailer for “Tales Of The Walking Dead”: The new zombie spin-off starring “The Expendables” star Terry Crews

We also have a spin-off series about Negan and Maggie fighting their way through New York City and another about Daryl. Originally Carol was supposed to be there, but actress Melissa McBride left the project.

“The Walking Dead” shock: The Daryl Carol spin-off loses one of its stars

In addition, three films about Rick were announced a long time ago. These are still planned as of now, but it remains to be seen whether it will really happen or whether we can only expect a single Rick film in the end.

The Walking Dead: Is the ending doomed?

Our colleagues from Moviepilot discuss in their podcast stream flurry about the problems of the 11th season “The Walking Dead” and devote themselves to the question of whether the finale can still be saved:

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