There were 328 people missing at Jamor, the Cup was left for Sporting

Jamor opens up to the green scenery that surrounds it, designed in other times, still with an athletics track and adorned with an amphitheatre, describing it is redundant because so many football weddings have already been played there, but those were others, also full of redundancy for always bringing together men, only men. And bad habits become ingrained in the most stony minds, there are those who think that real football is just what they play, those heads are then rolling stones and I hope that some of them have been, this Saturday, at the National Stadium.

While the first ten minutes were still stretching and runners of people could be seen entering the venue, the Cup party is also made up of late legs reaching the stands that the Portuguese Football Federation put in order to be record holders — the tickets were offered for sale at one euro. In that final start, Sporting suffered, struggling with the high pressure of Ana Capeta, Daniela Silva and Raquel Fernandes in each reception of their three central defenders.

Annoyed by the three Famalicão forwards, the passes of the defenders who took the most people to Jamor were imprecise, full of doubts. The team took time to exist, controlled, beyond the equator of the field and with other attempts than trying to make the ball cross the field, fly over the opposing defensive line and land in the runs of Mariana Rosa, the right wing. When the Sporting women engaged the congemination they had on the left, then the team jumped.

Having the skillful Vera Cid, faithful to having the ball at her feet, changing positions with the galloping Chandra Davindson, a lady on the run, now and then, sticking closer to the line when the team had the ball, became an escape. more effective for the pressure of the Famalicenses: joining one of the midfielders (especially Andreia Jacinto), the team had a triangle to attract attention in the passes until releasing some sprint from the Canadian. When Joana Marchão, from a penalty (30′), made it 1-0, this inclination already worked many times.

Nine minutes later, the ones in blue, the same color as the tracksuit adorning the coach Jorge Barcellos, would threaten when another joint pressure forced the error of the goal scorer, who was too inventive in his own area. Mariana Fernandes would not hit the shot on Doris Bacic’s goal, nor would Famalicão create, by their own ingenuity with the ball, something more. Even the ones in green and white by Mariana Cabral, dressed up in pants and a suit jacket, circled much more often around the opposing area, trying to get last passes or crosses without enough people in the area, but they didn’t shoot at goal either.

Again, about 45 minutes of the ball would start off distressing for Sporting. A distinct affliction, not coming from discomfort caused by pressure, but from passes clearly intended to hurt the back of a defensive line raised by the nature of the way they play: twice, Famalicão, from the right, tore passes from outside to depth , on the hunt for a forward run. But there would also be a repetition of a loss of the ball in the area that made the lions take a while to settle down again.

rodrigo antunes/lusa

To get around the high pressure revived by Famalicão for the second half, the team logged in to see who they had just seen before. Brenda Pérez, the Spaniard with the jersey all the time tucked inside the shorts, so tangled up before the midfielders’ backs, had more ball on her feet and, of course, attention turned to her that opened spaces for Sporting to string things up for outside. When the little footballer already participated in the plays, the team managed to accelerate passes through the wings.

After Diana Silva headed an estimated ball to the post (54′), crossed by her, the wings would receive several balls to go against the defense of Famalicão. Time and time again, Mariana Rosa and Chandra Davidson loaded up at times when plays had to be rushed. In the hangover of one of them, a recharge helped by the Canadian in the area (62′) resulted in the 2-0 in a ball that still deflected into someone else’s body.

The final slackened, the physical breakdown was noticed everywhere and the pace slowed down, Sporting trying to put the game to sleep with a control that never managed well — it lacked tangling the ball in passes that condemned the opponents to chase it — and Famalicão, amidst the tears of its players on the bench, made a last-ditch effort, more out of insistence than planning. The shots in depth or crosses to the area happened and, in one of them, Carolina Beckert only looked at the ball and ended up stepping on Raquel Fernandes.

Fernanda Tipa’s penalty collided with Bacic’s hands (83′) and time seemed like an axe, there was little left and the blow figured in the spirits could dictate an end before the end. But Famalicão forced, continued to insist, the tremors of Sporting’s footballers were felt and the Croatian goalkeeper would still stop a shot before her left leg could do nothing against Carolina Rocha: she waited for Raquel Fernandes to fix the ball to the center and took off towards the back of the defensive line. She took the chopped pass in style and reduced it to 2-1. There was 89′ on the clock.

Six minutes followed, with greater distress for Sporting and final attempts for Famalicão, who had no more sense and were full of balls dumped into the area. Nothing has changed. Sporting won their third Portuguese Cup (in six editions they have played since 2016, when they re-founded the extinct team in 1994) and Mariana Cabral won her first as a coach. She had already won two, with cleats on her feet, on the 1st of December, not so long ago, but in other times of women’s football, which this Saturday called 13,894 people to Jamor. There were 327 short of Benfica-Sporting from about a month ago, in Luz.

Jamor did not dress with a new record, but it hosted the second highest attendance in history in official matches and the direction is this, to do everything in favor of women’s football – where there is incomparably less sururus futile, waste of time or whining, but there are still many things that are delayed, such as artificial turf in Division I — being a decoy for those who really like football.

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