“This hits me so hard”

An unexpected second casting week is announced. The competition is growing among the aspiring models and Heidi Klum also shows that things are slowly getting serious.

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The tuition fees at the model university have to be paid – that’s why there are castings again in episode ten of “Germany’s next top model”. A good opportunity for the up-and-coming models to see who is well received by customers. But one invitation after the other is not enough, as Sophie proves. While her photos are compelling, her “personality” doesn’t sit well with most clients. The jobs, on the other hand, dust off the authentic Noëlla, Luca and Vivien.

The Last Chance is a surprise casting for LaLa Berlin. Leyla Piedayesh, owner of Lala Berlin, notices that Anita and Sophie embody the same type. Anita, a little snubbed: “She’s had my hair since the makeover!” The two still have to run together – the point goes to Anita, who looks less strained. She also gets the job together with Martina. While Anita’s cheeks hurt from the grin, that means for Sophie: “Of course I’m disappointed. (…) Another slap in the face.”

“We’re not forcing anyone to be here”

Lieselotte is also struggling with the competition, as she reports to her loved ones on the phone. It is now also showing up at the breakfast table. The 66-year-old explains to the younger ones that she always goes to a casting without any expectations. Lou-Anne then tells her what some have said behind her back: “If you feel like you shouldn’t be here anymore, we’re not forcing anyone to be here.” Lieselotte makes it clear that she is not just about having fun: “There is more and more ambition and the desire to become a model. They underestimate me. I want to have a place here.”

Heidi Klum and Jeremy Scott (Source: ProSieben)

This time she can prove it in front of a real star designer: The creative director of the luxury label Moschino, Jeremy Scott, is part of the elimination walk and shoot. His fashion is brightly colored, crazy and full of cartoon characters. “For me, these clothes are not age-appropriate…”, says Lieselotte. With the other models there is a little more reverence. Sophie is speechless when Scott personally puts the earrings on her: “He dresses Gigis and Bellas – but village idiot Sophie? What?”

Sophie and Anita: Another direct duel

In order to prove herself in front of Jeremy and his favorite “super strudel” – as Scott calls Heidi Klum – she can again go into a duel with her big competitor: Sophie and Anita should take turns posing in the same set. In what is already the second direct comparison, the point goes to Anita again, and Jeremy is really enthusiastic about her. “Everything just fits,” said Heidi in the feedback round about Anita’s photo.

For Sophie, on the other hand, there is even more criticism. The customers would also have told Heidi that Sophie was always a little “over the top” in the casting. Jeremy Scott tells her that she looked distracted and unconfident during the shoot. Heidi’s tip: “Maybe you’ll cut a little slice of Anita.” Sophie’s hopefully only metaphorical answer: “I’ll cut off half of Anita!”

Meanwhile, Lieselotte shows her new ambition not only during the shoot, but also backstage, where she tries in an unusually unfriendly way to defend her place in front of the mirror. Before her shooting and walk begin, Heidi prays fervently that Lieselotte takes the game seriously this time and uses elegance instead of slapstick. But this time the stress spots were in vain: Lieselotte refrains from all silly gestures. But she looks “horny”, as Scott says. Heidi and Martina try to translate the word for Lieselotte: “Geil… Or loveable…”. Everything is better than her previous performances – Heidi obviously takes a load off her heart that she can continue with the “Best Agerin”.

Viola and Inka have to leave unexpectedly

It’s not going so well for everyone. Lena and Viola are the weakest during the shoot and have to tremble. “It wasn’t your week,” announces Heidi. Lena’s photo saved her after all. Viola, however, did not get any more pictures. “Breaks my heart,” said Heidi when she left. But that is not how it remains. While Inka and Lou-Anne are still standing in front of Heidi, the others in the backstage are surprised that only one had to go today. Happy too soon. Inka seemed too little self-confident, so the verdict. “Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I don’t have a photo for you,” Heidi sends her home, completely surprising.

The models can hardly believe it. “It’s unexpected, that’s why it hits me so hard,” said the almost speechless Inka, who had her entire mane cut for the show to a pixie cut a few episodes ago. The others have never been so shocked. “You can no longer afford to make mistakes,” draws Lou-Anne from the experience. “It’s a really tough game. And it gets harder the closer we get to the goal,” says Sophie.

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