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A review of the career of the actress in charge of playing Kate Sharma in season 2 of the successful Netflix series. Haven’t you fallen in love too?

When we started hearing Simone Ashley’s name a few months after the Netflix debut of the first installment of The Bridgertons He didn’t tell us too much. She was recognizable for being one of the students with endless sexual doubts at Moordale, the main institute of Sex Education, but without a doubt it has been now, with the debut of season 2 of the series adaptation of Julia Quinn’s novels, when His name has been put on everyone’s lips.

With permission from our beloved Phoebe Dynevor and Rége Jean Page, whose love story as Daphne and Simon served to bring the new series of Netflix directly to the list of the most popular series on the platform, the pair of lovers who The Bridgertons has put at its core in season 2 has taken the series one step further. We already knew one of them: Anthony, played by Jonathan Bailey and Viscount Bridgerton after the death of his father; but the young woman in love with him arrived again and directly from India in the first episode of the second installment.

Those unfamiliar with the books might think that the older of the Bridgerton brothers’ future love lay with the opera singer Sienna Rosso, with whom he was deeply in love but not compatible with his duties as vincount, but fans of the Julia novels Quinn knew very well that we had someone very important to meet: Kate Sheffield, a much loved character who has been introduced by the name of Kate Sharma in fiction.

The relationship, far from starting off on the right foot, was as tense from the beginning between Anthony and Kate as their irrepressible attraction. However, the young man was not claiming her, but her sister Edwina, diamond of the season. A most complex love triangle that, hand in hand with contrasting sexual tension ‘in crescendo’, has given a lot of life to this new stage of the Netflix series.

Where have you seen Simone Ashley before?

Born in Britain but of Indian origin, this 27-year-old actress became the first Asian performer to be part of the cast of The Bridgertonsthat he has had no problem changing the race of some of his actors -starting with the Duke of Hastings himself- with respect to the original material signed by Quinn with the aim of elaborating a more inclusive cast.
They would follow her, yes, her mother and her sister in fiction, Mary and Edwina Sharma, played by actresses Shelley Conn and Charithra Chandran, respectively.

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Currently, and more now that the second season is in full explosion of success, The Bridgertons is her most outstanding work, but the actress already had a certain trajectory upon her arrival and the honor of having participated in several major titles, such as Sex education, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu OR wide church.

Simone Ashley in ‘Sex Education’.

A student at the Chiswick School of the Arts, the actress’s first job was a small role in the British series Supernatural. Wolf bloodin which he participated in two episodes broadcast in 2016. From that first role, others would come, all of them small and in various series of greater or lesser popularity, such as Guilt, doctors, Sister or those already mentioned.

Definitely, his most important role is the one he plays -and will continue to play, we imagine- in Sex educationalso from Netflix, in which he played Olivioh where we last saw her in season 3.

if you have seen Sex educationyou will agree that the work of the young woman will have provided him with some tables for the moments of maximum intimacy of The Bridgertonssince the young woman already starred in some sex scenes in her previous job. Of course, the second season of the series, far from the unforgettable sixth episode of the first in which we basically only saw Daphne and Simon having sex, has hosted far fewer intimate scenes than its predecessor.

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Kate Sharma, the best substitute for Simon

Readers knew her very, very well, but those unfamiliar with the novels were eager to know what new things the character would bring to the Netflix series. It is the second novel in the series. the viscount who loved methe one that introduced us to Kate, the older sister of the woman Anthony Bridgerton was about to marry.

Although there have been some differences from the source material, the story has been fairly similar in the series. With the young woman convinced that Anthony is not the best future husband for her sister due to his womanizing past and determined to avoid the wedding at all costs, until, little by little, the sparks that were already flying between the two are impossible to ignore.

With the arrival on the scene of the Sharmas, he has given us little time to miss Simon, since the departure of Rege-Jean Page of the equation had fans somewhat concerned. In addition, with Kate we have a certainty of return, since it has already been confirmed that both Anthony and his now wife will continue to be part of the cast of season 3 of The Bridgertons.

We’re coming back!” Ashley said in an interview with Deadline. “Kate and Anthony are almost starting. We have the amazing Jess Brownell taking the lead as showrunner for Season 3. […] I think everything has only just begun. I would like to see Kate loosen up a little more and play more in season 3 and swim in that circle of love together. I think they both deserve it

And so much.

And what about Sex education and other future projects? At the moment there is no official information on whether Ahsley will continue to be part of the cast of the Netflix teen series in season 4 and, by the looks of it, The Bridgertons is her strongest project to date.

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