This is the new series about Queen Charlotte

  • Shondaland has released the cast of actors and new clues about the plot

The followers of ‘The Bridgertons‘ are in luck. After two long years of waiting for the second season premiereThe series has reached unprecedented audience data this week on Netflix.

Despite the success, the shondaland producer He has not rested on his laurels and, just a few days after the release of the new chapters, he has released several unpublished details of the prequel on queen charlotte.

Although the second season of the series has already been leaving some winks about the monarch’s past, it should be noted that most of the stories of the cleave will be unknown even to the most faithful readers of the saga, since Julia Quinn novels they do not contemplate this part of the ‘Bridgerton universe’.

News in the plot

The new production of shonda rhymeswhat It doesn’t have a title or release date yet.will focus on the youth of the queen charlotte and the start of his marriage with the king George III in 1761. The prequel will tell how his accession to the throne of Great Britain, which, according to the producer itself, was by no means a bed of roses.

His liaison with the King of England was arranged against his will when she was alone 17 years. Furthermore, it has been explained that adaptation to the British court was complicatedsince the young queen was “something completely different than the rest of the royals expected,” in Shonda’s words.

At the same time, the story of Charlotte’s arrival in London will also serve to explain how her break into the royal family changed the english monarchygiving rise to the world of ‘The Bridgertons’ that we have known through the two seasons available.

Another attraction of the prequel will be knowing how the romances of mrs danbury and purple ladytwo of the protagonists of the series who have a close relationship with the monarch. The Danbury Story is one of the most intriguing of the spin-off, since, despite being a free and influential woman in the two seasons of the series, Shonda has revealed that before was “under the control of her husbandwho was much older.


The new cast will retain some of the best-known faces from the previous two installments of ‘The Bridgertons’. Golda Rosheuvel will play Charlotte again, while Adjoa Andoh and ruth twin They will reprise their roles as Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton.

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Among the new additions are India Amarteifio (‘Line of duty’) and Corey Mylchreest (‘The Sandman) as the young kings. On the other hand, Arsema Thomas will make mrs danbury as a young man, a choice the actress of ‘The Bridgertons’ has applauded in networks for his uncanny resemblance to the new addition.

The rest of the cast completes it Michelle Fairley (‘Game of thrones’) in the role of the mother of George III, Sam Clemmett (‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’) as Young Butler, Cyril Nri as Mr. Danbury (‘Cucumber’), Richard Cunningham (‘The Witcher’) as Lord Bute, tunji kasim (‘Nancy Drew’) playing Adolfo and rob maloney (‘Casualty’) as the doctor of the royal family.

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