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Since the announcement of the concert of daddy yankee In Ecuador, the expectation for the acquisition of tickets for their shows scheduled for October this year, in Guayaquil and Quito, has become the favorite topic of conversation on social networks.

This morning Central Tickets He announced on his social networks that more than 20,000 people made their purchase for the locations of boxes and limbo chairs. Thus, the only localities still available child emergency call ($60), gasoline ($45), and we are from the street ($25).

A little over eight hours ago, the line for the purchase stopped. As explained by the ticket holder, this is due to a review process. “We are reviewing the pending and rejected purchase statuses that made a debit”they detailed.

This newspaper communicated with Santiago Rubiano, general manager of the ticket office responsible for selling tickets for the artist’s concert in Guayaquil about the online purchase process and the different complaints that have been filed on the different digital platforms to access a ticket. .

In the Instagram account, the announcements are not made in the food to keep the information on the air for his followers if not in storiesand in them they announce irregularities, what are the problems that the online sale of this show is having?

Yes, we have had certain problems with our website. This is an event that is going to convene a flow of more than 200,000 people trying to enter to make purchases simultaneously, which has forced us to take a momentary step back to adapt and provide better service to all customers.

There are people who are still in virtual line to buy their tickets, how many tickets are you planning to sell for this show in Guayaquil? There are those who have even asked for a second show date, have you considered this possibility?

As a ticket holder we are focused on completely closing the first date of Daddy Yankee in Guayaquil, dealing with all the cases, complaints and concerns that have been generated in the purchase processes and ending successfully with a sold out. From then on we would have to see new scenarios.

More than 20,000 tickets sold for Daddy Yankee’s concert in Guayaquil; only three locations are available

In more than one post in stories they publish that they are not responsible for purchases from people and in unauthorized places, are there ticket counterfeiters? What irregularities have they discovered and how should the user be careful not to fall into states?

Really what we want to achieve with this is to illustrate and teach people, the care they should have with their QR code and protection of the identity they should have from it and how not to fall into scams buying from third parties, that is why we do not We can be held responsible for a purchase made outside the ticket box.

If a person buys a ticket from the official ticket booth and then sells it to another person, can they enter the show or is it not allowed?

A person who buys his ticket for the show is the owner of a space, in the locality that he has already bought on the day of the event. It is up to each person what he decides to do with this ticket.

How is the process of registration, purchase and delivery of code, ticket and location?

The registration process is like that of any web page, we do a validation by means of email and we take the necessary data for the billing issue. Once registered, we have detailed the purchase processes on our social networks with tutorial videos, which you can review to have a broader understanding of the subject.

We are promoting the theme of boxes here in Ecuador, which consists of a space of 4 square meters, with a table with capacity for 10 people, with its 10 seats and the stands. In the topic of boxes, you have a maximum purchase of two boxes per transaction and in the topic of bleachers, you have a maximum purchase of 10 bleachers per transaction. Once you finish and your payment is successful, you will receive the QR code to the email with which you registered, which will allow you to enter the day of the event.

There is a post that says that they will refund money to those who have been debited and it appears rejected, why has this situation been generated? Why is a refund made?

The reimbursement of all the money that we have collected is made and that for some reason, especially due to the issue of capacity, the client cannot be provided with what he requested to buy, given the event that we cannot meet the expectations of the ballots of the customers, obviously we will proceed to make the refund because we are not going to capture a single peso that is not due to a purchase that is not successful. This was due to a problem we had at the time of payment validation and confirmation by the gateway and the website.

Why is the virtual queue reactivated at noon? Has the system crashed?

At this moment the system is not exactly down, that is why the queue is kept on hold. In order to keep the row we have to have the page online. The reason why it was decided to stop the (virtual) line is because we want to cross all the cases we have with payment rejection, that the automatic debit was made and once the issue of all customers who had problems was clarified In your payment process, the sale will be resumed with the capacity that remains available.

If selling online has generated inconveniences, haven’t you thought about opening a physical sales point? Why has this alternative not been chosen?

There are different reasons why we do not bet on a physical sale, the first is the health situation that we are experiencing worldwide. We have a situation in which it is not convenient to call mass meetings of people. We know the call that a physical sale of tickets for Daddy Yankee would have, which is even considered irresponsible in health matters, plus to that we add the digital commitment that we are making as a company.

In the case of this show, with this artist, why resort to a new ticket holder being able to generate sales with others already established?

The producer Alive is not turning to a new ticket maker, we are a ticket maker with more than 15 years of experience who has worked for the last decade, hand in hand with Alive in Colombia. Unfortunately we have had certain problems that have not allowed us to work 100% on the release of Daddy Yankee here in Ecuador, but both Alive and Central Tickets know the work we have and the most important thing is to guarantee all customers that they will respond to them for their purchase order, to the extent possible, with the ticket office complying with the capacity issue or if not with the issue of refunds. Anyone can be certain that if a debit was made for a purchase, they will have an answer to any situation that has arisen.

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