Tim Mälzer gets on everyone’s nerves – “Is unbearable”

Instead of water, Mälzer accidentally drank a four-day-old liquid in which spoons were soaked.Image: Vox

Charlotte Zinc

For the grand finale of “Kitchen Impossible” on Sunday evening, Tim Mälzer invited two top chefs to the show: his friends Tim Raue and Max Strohe. In the “Best Friends Edition”, each of the three chefs chose a dish that the other two had to cook at the same time but against each other.

The challenge that Strohe gave the two Tims was particularly nasty. For her, the task was to prepare tagliatelle from various sea creatures, seaweed and bacon in Portugal in the Ocean restaurant run by star chef Hans Neuner. There should also be a sauce and a crab-shaped pastry filled with caviar and two kinds of cream.

Mälzer attacks fatally next to it

“The crab is the worst thing I’ve ever had to cook,” said Raue, annoyed. Technically, the court presented him with the greatest challenge he had ever faced. Mälzer also struggled here and there with ignorance during the preparation. As usual, he tried out a number of things in a pragmatic manner – and in doing so, literally mouthed too much.

The batter crab posed a massive challenge for Raue.

The batter crab posed a massive challenge for Raue.Image: Vox

When he tried his hand at Neuner’s spice cabinet, he caught a pot with a particularly hot powder. The result was loud coughing and rattling. While star chef Neuner was having a great time, Mälzer grabbed the first available container of water in the heat of the moment: Unfortunately, that was a beaker of four-day-old liquid used to soak spoons… However, it didn’t seem to affect his stomach! Competitor Raue watched the loud spectacle with glee. Given Mälzer’s noise level at work, he explained:

“It’s unbearable for me to stand in the kitchen with him.”

Mälzer is a “chaot” and a “dirty pig”. However, he also had to reluctantly admit: “It’s amazing what this guy can do with the shit he does!”

Annoying, more annoying, maltster…

Challenger Strohe was also annoyed by Mälzer’s volume level on Sunday evening. Mälzer cooked against him in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. At De Lindehof, star chef Soenil Bahadoer wanted to recreate a dish that was inspired by several Asian and French cuisines.

Exotic spiced cabbage roulade, a potato and ginger puree, pulled beef and an ice cream made from ginger beer initially raised question marks at Mälzer and Strohe after trying them. “It’s Asian food cooked in the West, so I don’t understand the idea,” says Mälzer. On the cooking day, however, he went into the challenge full of energy and unloaded his energy on straws in particular. “I’ve mastered verbal Chinese water torture,” Mälzer explained enthusiastically. Constant shouts of “Max”, general yelling and endless questions didn’t seem to bother Strohe at all. However, the 40-year-old admitted that there was a risk that “Mälzer’s screams and babble” would drive him crazy.

Victory at the end of the season

In the end, Mälzer won his bet against his buddies.

In the end, Mälzer won his bet against his buddies.Image: Vox

The fact that Mälzer didn’t even have to be present in person to arouse displeasure among his challengers was shown by the challenge he had set for Strohe und Raue. Star chef Norbert Niederkofler in South Tyrol, at an altitude of over 2,000 meters, had to cook square fried dumplings and barley risotto with chicory root powder. The different approaches of the chefs were also reflected in the jury’s assessment. While Raue’s dishes looked better, Strohe’s tasted better.

That’s why Strohe got 6 out of 10 points, Raue only 5.2. At the end of the show on Sunday evening there were even two winners. Mälzer and Strohe both got 12.4 points! Raue only scored 11 points overall. A bet that Mälzer had placed in the room at the beginning of the final show was won. “I win!”, It had read.

The news was already known in January. But on Sunday the time had finally come. The popular presenter Annika Lau moderated her very last show on Sat.1 breakfast television. On this occasion, the native of Munich addressed her Instagram community with an emotional message.

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