‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is a “Superior” Sequel and One of Tom Cruise’s Best Movies According to Critics

Last April, attendees at CinemaCon in Las Vegas had the unique opportunity to see ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ complete. The reactions couldn’t be better, emphasizing the importance of seeing this “perfect blockbuster” on the biggest screen possible. Now, with the premiere closer, The first critics corroborate those opinions, placing Joseph Kosinski’s film as one of the best among Tom Cruise’s extensive filmography..

One of the crucial questions about this sequel was whether it would respect the essence of that great eighties classic. Linca Marric, from The Jewish Chronicle, responds to this, assuring thatis an exciting sequel that will delight fans of the first film. Others have highlighted how similar the two films are, such as Brian Truitt of USA Today, who maintains that in the first moments, you don’t know if you’re watching the original movie or a new one. However, there are contrary opinions in this regard. “Fans of (director of the original) Tony Scott may miss that tone of disrepute, vulgar sensibility that made ‘Top Gun’ such a dreamy, voluptuous tale”commented Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times.

With a marked fidelity in terms of essence, all critics agree that this sequel is a better film than the original. A superior sequelsays David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter. The added serious tone is also highlighted. “‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is better than the original. It’s deeper, it’s not cheesy, and it has exciting effects” says Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle. For his part, David Ehrlich, of IndieWire, has stated that if ‘Top Gun’ was a funny movie because it invented Tom Cruise, ‘Maverick’ is a great movie because it immortalizes him.

The current industry tradition of finding a sequel to everything also includes ‘Maverick’. However, critics defend the importance of this in particular. Few Hollywood reboots can boast this mix of nostalgia, freshness and adrenaline. You’ll want to high-five someone on the way out of the theater.”explains Philip De Semlyen of Time Out. Clarisse Loughrey of Independet takes a sidelong glance at another great franchise: “The film is a true legacy sequel. In the tradition of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens’, it’s a carefully reconstructed clone of its predecessor, designed not only to reflect changing tastes and attitudes, but also its star Tom Cruise’s rise to a level of fame that borders on the mythological..

Regarding the actors, the vast majority unanimously agree that it is Tom Cruise’s best film. “We have reached, without a doubt, the most ‘Tom Cruise’ movie I have ever made”, opines Robbie Collin of the Daily Telegraph. They corroborate it from IndieWire, who say that “it’s ‘Tom Cruise: The Movie'”. As for the return of Val Kilmer as Iceman, Hollywood Reporter states that “One of the most emotional elements of the film comes from Kilmer’s brief screen time”.

A blockbuster to enjoy on the big screen

The biggest accolades have gone to the visuals of the film, praising its impact and the need to see the show in a movie theater. This movie needs the big screen, preferably as big as you can find. I saw it in an IMAX theater and now I have an idea of ​​what it would feel like to take off in a fighter jet from an aircraft carrier”, they explain from the San Francisco Chronicle. Variety’s Peter Debruge praises the film’s look and sound: The result is the most immersive flight simulator the public has ever experienced.to the great Dolby roar of engines vibrating through your seats”.

By last, negative criticism has focused mainly on the low female participation. From The Jewish Chronicle they state that “one would have appreciated a slightly more effective female-centric subplot”. Something that they also think from the Los Angeles Times, agreeing that it is the biggest mistake: “Women are few and far between, and even the most prominent receive mostly perfunctory treatment”.

The reviews couldn’t be more positive, which further fuels the already existing hype for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. The wait is almost over, The film opens on May 26.


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