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“Mystic River” is one of the most intense films ever. Clint Eastwood’s stirring mix of drama and thriller is on free TV this Sunday – and it won’t let you go for a long time.

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Known primarily for his Western work for many years, Clint Eastwood was able to reinvent himself as a director, especially after the turn of the millennium. In addition to “Million Dollar Baby”, “The Stranger Son” or “J. Edgar” one film in particular stands out: The heartbreaking and incredibly haunting crime-and-punishment drama “Mystic River” airing today, April 3, at 8:15 p.m. on arte.

Despite its FSK 16 approval, arte shows the “Mystical Flow” at 8:15 p.m. uncut. If you prefer to bring the film, which won two Oscars, home, you can do so conveniently via Amazon. Here is the thriller drama on Blu-ray and DVD as well as in the paid stream on Amazon Prime Video:

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That’s what “Mystic River” is about

Jimmy (Sean Penn), Dave (Tim Robbins) and Sean (Kevin Bacon) were inseparable growing up. But then a traumatic event occurred: Dave was kidnapped and brutally raped by two men for several days. Suddenly nothing was the same as before. 25 years later, the men have long forgotten their friendship when their paths cross again in the same Boston suburb. Jimmy’s 19-year-old daughter, Katie (Emmy Rossum), is brutally murdered after a night of partying.

The investigation in this case is led by Sean of all people, who has made it far in the police force. While Sean and his partner Whitey (Laurence Fishburne) slowly get closer to the perpetrator, a distraught Jimmy seeks revenge and starts his own investigation with his cronies. Dave, who is one of the last people in the bar to see Katie alive, is targeted by the cops. Especially because he came home with severe stab wounds on the night of the murder…

Exciting and incredibly moving

In the official FILMSTARTS review, “Mystic River” received an excellent 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. In his conclusion, Carsten Baumgardt describes the film as “A fine, excellent work that clearly stands out from the mob of Hollywood productions. Dark, moral and immoral at the same time, believable and gripping – just great cinema.”

The official FILMSTARTS review of “Mystic River”

Clint Eastwood also badly needed “Mystic River” in the early 2000s after “Blood Work” and “A True Crime” received solid reviews but massive flops at the box office. “Mystic River”, on the other hand, became a commercial success – and was also able to have a say in the Oscars. In the end, Sean Penn and Tim Robbins deservedly snagged their respective golden boys in the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor categories.

While the atmospheric staging takes a lot of time to carefully translate Daniel Lahanes’ book template “Spur der Wölfe” to the screen and builds on a thoroughly decelerated but never lengthy narrative, the tension in “Mystic River” above all intensifies because of the great acting performances. Sean Penn and Tim Robbins deliver almost self-sacrificing portraits of two scarred and punished men who find themselves caught in a cruel spiral of violence.

The discourse about guilt and atonement, about vigilantism and forgiveness, is not only tied to the great characters in “Mystic River”, who captivate the viewers from the first minute. Clint Eastwood also tells a lot about the underprivileged suburb of Boston in the form of a milieu study and thus reflects the psychogram with the place of action, which gives the dark story even more depth through its tangible, rugged local color. One thing is certain: “Mystic River” will definitely send a shiver down your spine.

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