“TV total”: Why Sebastian Pufpaff can do more, but doesn’t have to

Updated on 4/7/2022 at 6:52 am

It was clear that the latest price increases by some discounters would make headlines. That the topic will make it to “TV total”, at least probably. And so moderator Sebastian Pufpaff came up with a small action for Wednesday evening. That’s enough for “TV total”, but that’s not enough for Pufpaff.

Sebastian Pufpaff, you can say that much with a clear conscience, knows his way around humor. For years, the “TV total” presenter, who is no longer so new, has trained in humor on stage and on television: the German school system, raising children, the Catholic Church, sustainability, swimming pools – Sebastian Pufpaff has in his cabaret programs much pre-buttoned.

Whether it was all funny is often simply a matter of taste, but what you can’t deny is Sebastian Pufpaff’s great powers of observation and his talent for getting things straight. Most importantly, Pufpaff’s humor usually had a meaning. One could also say an opponent, something that his humor aims at. Or looked at the other way around: an attitude.

So now Pufpaff is doing “TV total” and things have changed a bit since then. Of course, Pufpaff has kept his sense of humor, only the statement isn’t quite as clear as it used to be. In “TV total” Pufpaff usually uses three types of humor and what they are, you could see on Wednesday evening in the latest edition of “TV total”.

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Pufpaff on FC Bayern: “This is how everyone can win ten times in a row”

On the one hand, there is the self-perpetuating humor. That’s the kind of humor where Pufpaff usually doesn’t have to do anything anymore, because the joke is delivered to him here on a silver platter, so to speak. We’re talking about the clips that Pufpaff presents every Wednesday. Short films in which someone said or did something funny.

For example, when a candidate on “Germany’s next top model” gibberish again. Or when a perfume youtuber eats a boiled egg with the shell on in front of the camera. Pufpaff doesn’t really have to intervene anymore and can simply add “You should see him when he eats a coconut or a can of ravioli. Really awesome”.

The second type of Pufpaff’s “TV total” humor is a bit more complex because he has to think a little further about the fun he saw on TV. For example, when FC Bayern Munich broke down when they won against SC Freiburg, there was suddenly one player too many on the pitch. Even if Pufpaff teases the scene with “This is how everyone can win ten times in a row”, the full humorous potential is not immediately recognizable here.

Sebastian Pufpaff: “I’m ending my singing career with this”

So Pufffaff has to help a little and suddenly Guido Cantz appears in the studio and welcomes the viewers to the latest edition of “TV total”. Pufpaff is surprised and so that the fun can be properly resolved thematically, a man in referee’s clothes comes into the studio and shows Cantz the red card with the words “There is one moderator too many on the pitch”.

Sebastian Pufpaff follows the same pattern when he looks at the recent glitch in “Do you understand fun?” makes. The new moderator Barbara Schöneberger greeted the audience with a song – but unfortunately the sound didn’t work at that very moment.

That alone can already be found funny, but Pufpaff wants to know and challenges ZDF: “Shall we show you how it’s done correctly?” Asks Pufpaff and then does exactly that. A vocal performance without sound, which he says with the words closes: “I hereby end my singing career.”

Pufpaff’s humor on “TV total” is not because he doesn’t want to anymore, but is primarily due to the concept of the show. “TV total” doesn’t require a cabaret stage program, just a keen eye for all the funny things that have happened on television.

That means Pufpaff doesn’t have to create anything funny himself first, but can use what’s already there. He needs to drill it out a bit more. More is not required at first, a good horse is known to only jump as high as it has to.

Pufpaff can do more than throw a can and Schnick Schnack Schnuck

A better horse, on the other hand, raises the bar itself a bit and has the confidence to jump over it, and that brings us to the last category of “TV total” humor: the humor that doesn’t work. Because one can assume that Pufpaff, precisely because he knows what humor can do, likes to dare to tackle topics that are more than funny scenes from the TV program – but unfortunately that doesn’t really work with “TV total”.

And so it looks on Wednesday evening as if Pufpaff would like to address the recent price increases at some discounters, but in the end only a half-baked action comes out of it. Pufpaff and his team position themselves in front of a supermarket and every customer who comes out can play simple games like cannon throwing or Schnick Schnack Schnuck for the equivalent of their purchase. That’s it.

No goal, no opponent, no statement. One can assume that the Pufpaff would have done much more with this topic before his “TV total” time. But for “TV total” that’s obviously enough.

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