Twitter: ZDF board posts strange messages and sex references

Embarrassing posts
“TV Council is wide”: ZDF committee embarrasses itself with strange tweets and sex references

The ZDF television council is made up of members from various social groups

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On Saturday night, the ZDF television council showed its second face on Twitter: the otherwise serious body suddenly released tweets that did not fit its task and image at all.

What’s going on there? Many of the more than 2000 followers of the ZDF television council may have asked themselves the question on Twitter. The committee “represents the interests of the general public and controls the ZDF program,” as the self-description of the account says. Its members include representatives of trade unions, churches and political parties. But on Saturday night, the television council of the second gave anything but a serious picture.

It began at forty-five minutes past midnight with a reply to a tweet by pianist Igor Levit. Levit posted a photo of his piano with a beer bottle on the chair and asked his followers what he was working on. “Looks a bit like anal intruding at work. But it could also be Beethoven’s 1st piano concerto!?” wrote the TV Council, alluding to a sex practice. Just one of several embarrassing tweets that night.

“The TV Council is as broad and as colorful as our society”

When Levit replied that one shouldn’t drink so much alcohol, the television council replied: “Not even to stay able to work? You do it too!” Hamburg’s Senator for Culture, Carsten Brosda, who also responded to Levit’s tweet, received a few flippant tweets from the public body’s account.

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Whoever tweeted on behalf of the television council made no secret of their condition – not even when other users were surprised at the tweets, which were unusual in tone and content. “So one thing is clear: the #TV Council is as broad and as colorful as our #society! (Well ok, at the moment it’s mainly broad)” it said shortly before three o’clock in the morning on the official channel.

ZDF television council apologizes for inappropriate tweets

After that there was silence. On Sunday afternoon, the television council published a contrite statement in the same place: “This account was communicated in a way that in no way does justice to the tasks, the self-image and the customs of the committee,” said the ZDF television council on its own behalf. The chairwoman “ensured that something like this doesn’t happen again”: “Sober, appreciative communication is a prerequisite for the discourse that the television council always advocates.”

Who exactly is behind the tweets from the night from Saturday to Sunday and in which situation the posts were written remains open – as well as the consequences that were drawn from them. According to “Bild” information, the employee is said to have been in an “exceptional mental situation”. The tweets are still not deleted and publicly viewable.

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