Uberlândia will invest R$ 1.2 million per year in a project to neuter dogs and cats – Diário de Uberlândia

The City Hall signed this Monday (18) the first contracts and work orders with establishments that will be responsible for the castration and microchipping of five thousand dogs and 500 cats in Uberlândia. According to the Municipality, the annual investment is estimated at R$1.2 million. Services are scheduled to begin in August.

So far, two institutions have been accredited to carry out the procedures, Instituto SOS Pet and Clínica Veterinária Pet House. However, the public call remains open for new accreditations until December 31. Interested parties should look for the headquarters of the Municipal Health Department, which is at Av. Anselmo Alves dos Santos, 600, Santa Monica neighborhood. The notice and other information can be consulted on the City Hall website.

The signing ceremony was held at the Administrative Center and was attended by the Environmental Justice Prosecutor, Breno Lintz, as well as municipal authorities and representatives of social institutions. According to the director of the Municipal Zoo of Uberlândia, Amado Junior, at first, the approximately four thousand dogs and cats that are with independent protectors, institutions for the defense of animals and low-income people registered at the Center for Control of Zoonoses (CCZ).

“It is a broad project, which has an association of the four pillars around it, which are castration, education, combating abandonment and adoption. It’s no use just neutering, we have to educate. We are going to meet a liability of four thousand registered names, which we could not leave behind. People will receive, via SMS, the date, place and time to take the animal for sterilization. We will later announce the new applications for new sterilization procedures,” he said.

Amado recalled that the issue of animal health interferes with public health policies. “There are animal diseases, zoonoses, that affect humans. It is a very serious public health problem and that is why these signatures are important today. An effective public policy of the City Hall. It is the beginning of projects, as others will be announced in the coming months to defend the quality of life of stray animals,” he said.

Also according to the director of the Municipal Zoo, the estimate is that Uberlândia has 25,000 to 30,000 homeless animals. The data includes semi-domiciled. “That’s why the importance of surgical sterilization, which is one of the pillars for us to end this situation of abandoned animals, being run over, transmitting various types of diseases”, he said.

During the event, the promoter of the Environment, Breno Lintz, highlighted that public policies aimed at animals need to evolve. “If it is in the south of the country, these public policies have been in existence for more than 20 years. Here in Uberlândia that is not accepted by the population. We have to reformulate, somehow, make these people evolve and accept, being adopted by the administration and being borne by the administration. That’s her role,” said the prosecutor.

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The prosecutor also reinforced that for public health reasons, in addition to animal welfare, the obligation of the public authorities increases even more. “Animals abandoned on the streets are more likely to acquire diseases and even a zoonosis to be transmitted to humans. If you look at this aspect, the obligation to host, sterilize and adopt this animal in some way becomes double. Adoption campaigns that should be carried out in schools, among other campaigns that may emerge and publicize in the media. This is the way. Only then can we imagine that this could change someday in our city”, highlighted Breno Lintz.