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After a task force that involved several sectors of the Federal University of Ceará, all cafeterias of the University Restaurant on the campuses of Fortaleza will reopen in monday (4). As a result, after only five days of suspension of services, the UK resumes supplying approximately 11,600 daily meals in the Capitalresuming one of the main student assistance policies of the UFC.

Access the Tô de Volta Guide – University Restaurant Special

The University signed an emergency contract with a new company providing meals to the UK, in order to guarantee the reopening of the Restaurant until the final bidding process, already in progress, is concluded. The measure was adopted after the cancellation of the contract with the former supplier, responsible for the problems in the provision of services verified after the face-to-face resumption of academic activities.

All the reopening preparations are being made under the supervision of the UK Coordinationsuch as cleaning, assembling equipment and organizing materials to receive the university community. The UK Nutrition team will monitor the services, with sensory evaluation of the preparations, addressing aspects related to taste, odor, appearance and consistency of the preparations. In addition, it will carry out the temperature control of food, an important step to guarantee health safety.

“It’s a relief and a joy to have this equipment again, which is essential for students’ permanence at the University and for good academic performance. The RU allows students to live better at UFC. It’s not just a student assistance policy, but also of a fundamental academic policy, which favors coexistence, integration and insertion in university life”, said the Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Geovana Cartaxo.

In the coming days, PRAE will develop a series of cultural activities in the atmosphere of the University Restaurantwhose schedule will be announced shortly.

According to the holder of the Dean of Planning and Administration (PROPLAD), Prof. Almir Bittencourt, the current contract establishes a series of items in order to guarantee that the company meets the quality requirements demanded by UFC. “It was a joint effort by the University, in the sense of completing the process, which requires a series of steps and procedures in compliance with the legislation, in a short time”, highlighted the pro-rector.

For Dean Cândido Albuquerque, a user of the UK during his four years of graduation in the Law Course, the feeling is of collective victorywith the reopening of the service in the quality that the academic community deserves, all in line with the sanitary requirements and the control bodies.

“In an unparalleled task force – with the unique involvement of the Rectory, PROPLAD, the UFC Attorney General’s Office, Internal Audit, the Coordinator of University Restaurants of PRAE, the other pro-rectories and the Communication and Marketing Coordinator ( UFC Informa) –, the administration simply lived for it in the last few days. Once it was found that the company was not fulfilling the contract, the contract was canceled and the emergency bidding was prepared. We guarantee the reopening on the announced day, how number of meals ever and the variety of nutritional options already known. That’s what we fought for, and that’s what we deliver on Monday to the UFC”, summarized the top manager.

Image: empty Campus do Pici dining hall

COMMUNITY GUIDELINES – Access to the RU will continue to be made by appointment, via SIGAA. It is a planning tool, whose objective is to avoid agglomerations at peak times and organize demand. The expectation of the RU Coordination is that, with the normalization of services from the hiring of the new supplier, access to the cafeterias will be diluted, reducing the size of the queues at the most critical times.

At the entrance to the cafeterias, the UK card (previously loaded) and an official identification document with photo will be requested. Those who do not yet have the card will be able to request the first copy from Monday (4th) at the Restaurant’s counters, presenting a photo identification document and proof of the link with UFC.

With the reopening of the UK, as of Monday (4th), the payment of emergency food aid for students in situations of vulnerability between March 28 and April 1, dates that corresponded to the days of suspension of the services of the Restaurant in Fortaleza.

More details about access to the RU can be seen in the Guia Tô de Volta – Especial Restaurante Universitário.

INSTITUTIONAL POLICY – The RU is one of the most important tools of student assistance, because, through the offer of meals at subsidized prices, it makes possible the democratization of the conditions of permanence of young people in federal public higher education.

The level of user satisfaction, expressed by the Customer Satisfaction Indicator, was 93% in 2019; 92.8% in 2020 and 87.7% in 2021, considering the good and great opinions about meals and ratifying the high quality standard observed in the UFC’s RU’s.

Source: Coordination of the University Restaurant – e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to see it.

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