UFJF publisher launches 36 free access digital books

The Publisher of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) is releasing another 36 new titles in digital format. Released at the end of 2021, the e-books are the result of the work of professors and researchers from nine graduate programs (PPGs) at the University. “These books were published through the publishing seals of graduate programs, a new strategy in the process of being implemented”, says Editora director, Professor Ricardo Cavalcante.

With free access, the works are already available for download through the local from Editora UFJF and contemplate the academic and scientific production of the University. “In this way, we can complement the normal flows that take place through public notices. In addition, it is extremely important to make it available free of charge to the whole society in this moment of crisis that we are facing”, comments Cavalcante..

To open the series of articles that will promote the new digital books, four works by authors linked to the Postgraduate Program in Social Sciences (PPGCSO) at UFJF stand out. Check out:

E-books on Social Sciences address different themes: sociology of education in Tourism; health, body and gender; agrarian capitalism; art and culture (Art: Milena Dibo)

Agrarian Capitalism

Authored by the professor of the Department of Social Sciences, Felipe Maia, The Imagined Economy of Agrarian Capitalism is the result of research on how the interpretations of the agrarian question, produced by intellectuals from different fields of knowledge, were related to social conflicts and State action in the rural world between the 1960s and 1990s in Brazil.

According to the researcher, there is a certain intellectual “imagination” that has added interests and policies to become hegemonic and guide, not without conflicts, a set of actors and actions, especially those of the State on land and work in the country. Brazil during the period of the military dictatorship and in the first years of redemocratization.

This hegemony contained and prevented alternatives that, in their own way, sought to make feasible the reform of an agrarian structure centered on large property, having been decisive for the political authoritarianism of the Brazilian military regime. “Although written in dialogue with the specialized bibliography, the book is accessible to the general public, especially to those interested in the political and social transformations of Brazil in the 20th century and in the way in which various actors, intellectuals, politicians and business leaders participated in them” , assures Maia.

Health, body and gender

The publication proposal Health, Body and Gender: Theoretical and Ethnographic Perspectives it is to reflect on the phenomena of the so-called “Health field” through elements that articulate political realities to historically signified bodies. According to the organizer of the work, Professor Cristina Dias da Silva, the objective is to think of health as a set of practices and techniques in dispute, at the same time as a source of production of meanings, values ​​and subjectivities.

“The book presents the reader with a set of contemporary research in Health Anthropology, based on three ethnographic axes: the field of Nursing as an object of anthropological investigation; ethnographies on the relationship between health and gender; and ethnographies on indigenous health policy in Brazil”, informs the professor.

The expectation is that these three axes present a part of this broad universe of research. “Classic theoretical issues in Anthropology, such as the concepts of culture, rituals and the body, for example, find in this selection of ethnographies a privileged place for analysis, which can be both an increase in the reflection of specialists and an introduction to other interested parties.”

Tourism Education

How is tourism education configured in Latin America, specifically in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico? This question motivated the organization of the work Sociology of Education in Tourism: A Latin American Study from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. With the objective of analyzing the process of rise, consolidation and implementation of education in Tourism in the public agenda of these countries, the e-book is aimed at researchers and scholars in the academic fields of Tourism and Social Sciences.

According to Professor Mariana Pereira Chaves Pimentel, one of the organizers of the book, it was observed that higher education in Tourism has, in the three countries, three main objectives: to train manpower at the operational and managerial levels, guarantee a certain qualification aiming at employability professionals and promote the quality of this sector of the economy, aiming at international competitiveness.

“The purpose of this work and its main contributions are related to the reasons that led to the rise of tourism to the public debate among Latin American countries, and to the incorporation of tourism education into the public policy agenda of governments as essential and unavoidable topics. We also sought to diagnose this educational offer, its challenges and contributions to the countries”, explains Pimentel.

Art and culture

Art and Culture in the Modernity-World brings together a set of essays by Professor Maria Lucia Bueno, written between 1991 and 2021. All texts are centered around the issue of world-modernity – a new social condition that has plagued us since the 19th century, constituting a worldwide phenomenon, permeated with tensions and contradictions.

The work is based on representative cases of the visual arts and other dimensions linked to aesthetics and consumption, such as fashion and gastronomy. The reflections problematize and situate the impacts of world-modernity, taking as examples objects from different regions, but always having as a reference the Brazilian artistic and cultural space, a matrix from which this reality is apprehended and interpreted.

UFJF Publisher

Created in 1986, Editora UFJF’s mission is to stimulate and promote the development of teaching and research. As an important instrument of scientific dissemination, it is dedicated to the publication and distribution of productions resulting from the research and extension of the University itself and also of researchers from other institutions.

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