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Will Derin and Asya survive? This Sunday, April 3, Antena 3 will broadcast the finale of the first season of the Turkish telenovela “Unfaithful”, which has become a success with the stormy and passionate story of Asya, Deep and Volcan.

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The soap opera is one of the favorite Turkish productions of the public in Spain, which connects every Sunday night to follow the love triangle of Asya (Cansu Dere), Volkan (Caner Cindoruk) and Derin (Melis Sezen), as well as others great characters that make up the cast of “Unfaithful”.

Before reaching the denouement of its first season, there were very tense moments around Ali’s birthday, which was celebrated right where, three years ago, Asya found out that Volkan was cheating on her with Derin, who is now his wife. When the doctor finds out about her father’s true love story with her namesake and that her mother killed her father and then committed suicide, she fears that Derin will also do something crazy and she’s not wrong… young man is unhinged. Do not miss what will happen in “Unfaithful”:

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Get to know the five most interesting and high-tension moments that will happen in the Turkish soap opera broadcast by Antena 3.

1. Volkan asks for explanations

After the scandal Derin made on Ali’s birthday and Asya revealing that she had had an abortion, Vokan asks the doctor how long she had been since what had happened with her current wife. She tells him that she found out about her recently and that she wouldn’t have said anything if Derin hadn’t put her on the ropes. Asya apologizes to Derya (Özge Özder) for blurting out what she told her. On her part, the new head doctor tells Volkan that Derin was threatening her and that’s why she kept her quiet.

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2. Worry

Asya Günalan, whom Derin introduced as Asya’s father’s mistress, apologizes to the doctor for coming to Ali’s party with the false invitation. The doctor is excited when her namesake gives her a watch that belonged to her father as a nice gift for Ali. At one point in the conversation, Asya Günalan warns the doctor that Derin reminds her of her mother and they both fear that Volkan’s wife’s obsession could end in tragedy. Gönül has also thought about interning his daughter.

3. Asya tries to help Derin

Asya, fearing that Derin will do something more crazy, looks for the young woman and takes her to a cliff to tell her that her father cheated on Asya Günalan with her mother and not the other way around. The doctor offers to help her so that she does not end up the same as her father, who committed suicide, and makes her see that her obsession is so great that she leaves her own daughter aside. Derin only believes that Asya is trying to get her out of the way to get back with the architect.

Derin and Asya in a scene in “Unfaithful” (Photo: @mednovayapim)

4. Go crazy deep

Volkan talks to Derin found out by Gönül that he has left with Asya; and then he communicates with the doctor who asks him to notify the Police because the young woman does not want to stop the car, which is driving at a reckless speed. Derin, beside herself, takes the phone from him and throws it out the window. The architect asks Melih to send a patrol and goes to Istanbul. Derin freaks out and tells Asya: “Volkan won’t be mine, but he won’t be yours either.” He then makes a dangerous turn that drives the vehicle over the edge of a cliff.

5. Will they survive?

Volkan manages to find Derin and Asya, but the scene is terrifying: the car is teetering on the side of the cliff. Seconds later, before his eyes he sees how the vehicle falls into the void amid the screams of both women. The car falls into the water, while Volkan sinks to his knees on the ground shocked by what just happened. Will they survive or will history repeat itself?

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Asya, played by Cansu Dere, is a successful doctor. Ella’s husband Volkan (Caner Cindoruk) is a wonderful husband and father to her son Ali (Alp Akar). The nuclear family of three has always lived a life full of peace and happiness.

Asya is very trusting of her husband. However, she suspects him of cheating when she discovers a lock of blonde hair on Volkan’s scarf. She discovers that her husband has been having an affair with another younger woman, Derin Güçlü (Melis Sezen), for a few years and that he has also gotten her pregnant.

The doctor decides to divorce and, in principle, have actions of revenge. Her husband made her life with her lover, but now he wants to leave her and resume her relationship with Asya, whom he does not leave in peace every time she has a suitor. Will he be able to win her back?

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Kanal D has already made the decision not to make more installments of the Turkish soap opera and that season 2 of the fiction, which is currently on air, will be the last. Of course, the number of episodes it will have in its outcome is not known.

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