Upcoming releases: ‘The Garcias’, Jewel and Barack Obama

A list curated by The Associated Press of what’s coming to streaming services, music platforms, movies and television in the United States. Dates may vary in other countries.


— Surprisingly, “Drive My Car” wasn’t Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s only film last year. His acclaimed Haruki Murakami adaptation certainly garnered the most attention and won the Oscar for Best International Feature Film, but his three-part anthology “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy” also deserves a little more. (Won second place at the Berlin Film Festival). The triptych follows three young women as they navigate the quest for romance, ex-partners, and bizarre love triangles. It will be available for streaming on the Criterion Channel starting Thursday.

— Modern relations, albeit French, are also at the center of the black-and-white film “Paris, 13th District” by Jacques Audiard, available on video on demand starting Friday, March 15. April at IFC Films.Adapted from the graphic novels by Adrian Tomine, the film follows several young Parisians living in the least picturesque corner of the city of lights as they struggle to form real connections and relationships in a world of Tinder. of “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” should be excited to learn that filmmaker Céline Sciamma co-wrote the film and Noémie Merlant co-stars.

— Continuing the international streak of new movies to stream this week, Filipino director Brillante Mendoza drew inspiration from the true story of boxer Naozumi Tsuchiyama for his drama “Gensan Punch,” which hits HBO Max on Friday, April 15. The Japanese boxer with a prosthetic leg went to the Philippines to pursue boxing after being denied the opportunity in his country.

—Lindsey Bahr


— On her first album of new music in seven years, “Freewheelin’ Woman,” Jewel leans toward a soulful, rhythmic sound. The single “Living With Your Memory” features a retro yet timeless R&B vibe with a band full of horns. “I’m rolling / rolling / rolling / Going back in time,” she sings, in English. In “Long Way ‘Round”, her voice changes in exciting ways and she feels as comfortable as a favorite pair of jeans. Jewel is also participating in NBC’s new music competition “American Song Contest,” where she represents the state of Alaska among emerging and established artists from across the country vying for best song.

— Guess who else is in the “American Song Contest”? Electronic music group The Crystal Method, who will release their seventh studio album, “The Trip Out”, on Friday, April 15. A few days earlier, on Monday, the band will represent Nevada at the NBC contest and premiere their song “Watch Me Now.” The dance music idols recently joined forces with Iggy Pop for “Post Punk,” a menacing, futuristic jam with a relentless beat that sounds perfect for a rave party on a mission to Mars.

—Mark Kennedy


— Hugh Laurie does more than act in “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?” by BritBox. Laurie directed, produced, wrote and stars in the three-episode mystery series based on Agatha Christie’s 1934 novel of the same title: The Last Words of a Murder Victim. Lady Frances and her friend Bobby (Lucy Boynton, Will Poulter), who found the dying man, become amateur detectives to solve the case. Laurie plays the clinical director of a sanatorium, which should fit in well with the former Dr. Gregory House. The limited series premieres Tuesday on the streaming service.

— America’s national parks are undeniable gems, but not a monopoly. “Our Great National Parks,” a five-part Netflix series, offers a comprehensive look at public lands and the wildlife that inhabits them. The first episode covers parks and countries including Hanauma Bay in Hawaii, Loango National Park in Gabon; Yakushima National Park in Japan, and Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica. Later episodes focus on Chilean Patagonia; Tsavo, Kenya; the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in California and Gunung Leuser in Indonesia. Former President Barack Obama produced and narrates the series, which debuts Wednesday.

— When “The Brothers Garcia” aired on Nickelodeon in the early 2000s, it was one of the rare shows with a Latino cast and creators. Almost two decades later, a reboot of the comedy series for HBO Max still represents a dearth of minorities on TV. “The Garcias” revolves around a family from San Antonio, Texas, who gather for summer vacation at their beach house in Mexico. Actors reprising their roles from the original series include Jeffrey Licon, Bobby Gonzalez, Alvin Alvarez and Vaneza Pitynski as the Garcia brothers. Jeff Valdez, co-creator of the Nickelodeon show, created and is the executive producer of “The Garcias,” which premieres Thursday on the streaming service.

—Lynn Elber

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