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hide rivet is a Turkish actress who has conquered several countries in the world with her role as hunkar yaman in the soap operabitter earth”. In said production she was characterized as a woman with great character and a lot of economic power that made life impossible for Züleyha, but with the passing of the chapters she manages to change her way of being, leaving aside her selfishness. and won the affection of the public.

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hide rivet She is one of the most famous artists in Turkey and from a very young age she began to show her great talent for acting, becoming the pride of her family.

Although hide rivet has been part of important productions in Turkeyhis international fame came with “bitter earth”, a production that could be seen in countries such as the United States, Spain and some of Latin America.

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Vahide Perçin in the role of “Bitter Land” by Hünkar Yaman (Photo: Vahide Perçin / Instagram)

a tale from istanbul”, “the sultan”, “Feriya’s secret”, “bitter earth”, were some of the productions where he participated hide rivetwho is also a benchmark for the new generation of actors in the Ottoman country.

During his last participation in “bitter earth”, many of his fans were saddened due to his departure from the successful Turkish production. This occurs when she is murdered in the aforementioned fiction, ending with a great story that she starred in. hunkar yaman.

Vahide Perçin starred in the telenovela "Mother" (Photo: Vahide Perçin / Instagram)
Vahide Perçin starred in the soap opera “Mother” (Photo: Vahide Perçin / Instagram)


hide rivet He has earned a place in the hearts of many people due to his great professionalism when acting. This could be seen when he died in “bitter earth”, Well, in social networks many people lamented this situation without being able to understand why the artist left the Ottoman production.

That is why here we tell you 10 facts that were not known about the actress hide rivet.

1. He comes from a humble family

The actress hide rivet was born on June 13, 1965 in the town of Izmir in Turkey. She comes from a humble family of Greek immigrants.

Her father was a truck driver and her mother was a housewife, who when Vahide was nine months old suffered from an illness that forced her to remain hospitalized to recover. For that reason she had to be raised along with her siblings by her parten grandmother.

2. The actress saw several relatives die

In addition to having a very hard childhood, the actress also saw several members of her family die. In 1998 she lost her grandmother. Five years later her mother passed away and in 2007 her father died. But the tragedy continued in her family and in 2016 her brother also passed away.

3. He studied economics

When hide rivet finished his secondary studies decided to study economics. But little by little she was feeling attracted to the world of acting and she enrolled in the Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts.

After graduating, he decided to go to Ankara to continue his professional training. This is how she would become a great professional in the world of acting.

Vahide Perçin is very successful in Turkey and all over the world (Photo: Vahide Perçin / Instagram)
Vahide Perçin is very successful in Turkey and all over the world (Photo: Vahide Perçin / Instagram)

4. She was married to Altan Gördüm

In 1991 she married actor I saw Altan. After three years her daughter would arrive Alizewho also inherited her parents’ talent and became a great actress in her country. But in 2012 the spouses decide to separate although they agreed to maintain a cordial relationship.

5. He made his acting debut in 2003

His debut in the world of acting was in 2003 when he was part of the series a tale from istanbul where he played susan kozan. Due to his great talent, he was later able to be part of the cast of Hirsiz Polis. One of his greatest recognitions was with the movie first love.

6. He founded a theater academy

It was 2009 when, together with her ex-husband, she decided to found Istanbul a Theater Academy to help new talents in the world of acting. She along with a group of teachers supervises and conducts the training of the students.

7 . You were diagnosed with breast cancer

In 2011, the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer, but it was there that she showed her courage and bravery to defeat the disease. For this she received medical treatment.

8. He has won four major awards

hide rivet He has received four major awards in the world of acting in recognition of his great talent. Among them are the Art Institute Award (1996), 14th Adana International Film Festival (2007), Journalists Association Magazine: Gold Lens Awards (2007), Radio and Television Society Journalists of the Year Awards (2008).

Vahide Perçin is a renowned Turkish actress (Photo: Vahide Perçin / Instagram)
Vahide Perçin is a renowned Turkish actress (Photo: Vahide Perçin / Instagram)

9. His fame grew with “Tierra amarga”

the fame of hide rivet increased with the telenovela “bitter earth” because it became known internationally. Currently she has many fans all over the world.

10. She is very active on social networks

The actress is also very active on social media where she has thousands of followers. On Instagram, hide rivet He publishes photographs of his family and friends and of some scenes from the productions in which he has participated. She also receives the love of her fans in each of the comments.

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the tragic end of hunkar in the soap operabitter earth” has surprised its thousands of fans who every day tune in to the episodes of the famous Ottoman production.

hunkar yaman He had everything from money, a huge ranch, hierarchy and power of command, but despite this he could not escape his terrible fate and died at the hands of Behice.

For this reason, many fans of “bitter earthThey have wondered why hide rivet he left the soap opera if his character was one of the main ones. After more than two seasons playing hunkarthe actress herself decided that it was time to withdraw from Turkish fiction. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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Rivet plays a 60-year-old widow named hunkar yamanknown for her tenacious character and great presence. She lives by her and her son’s farm ironwho he hopes can give him offspring and a great future for his family. His beloved property will serve as a refuge for the fugitive couple made up of Zuleyha and Yilmaz. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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