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Valeu is the delivery application of the City of Rio de Janeiro. The app, which is still in the testing phase, promises to rival services like iFood and Rappi, offering zero cost to restaurants for orders up to R$100 and better remuneration for delivery people. Launched on Monday (28), Valeu is only available in the state capital and is the first food delivery app developed by the government in Brazil.

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Establishments interested in becoming partners of the platform can register on the company’s website. At this first moment, however, the application is not accepting registration of couriers. In the next few lines, understand in detail how Valeu works and its main differences from apps like iFood and Rappi.

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What is Valeu and how does it work?

Valeu is a delivery application developed by the City of Rio de Janeiro. The app allows you to order in restaurants of different types of cuisine, including Brazilian, Japanese, Italian food, among others. The establishments are displayed on the home screen in feed format, ordered from closest to farthest from the location where the user is.

Home screen of Valeu, designed by the city of RJ — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

The service, designed by the Municipal Department of Finance and Planning, aims to increase the profit of delivery people and entrepreneurs involved in the food delivery sector in the city of Rio. For this, Valeu’s proposal is to reduce the collection rates applied in other delivery services, which were considered “excessive” by the Secretary of Finance and Planning of Rio de Janeiro, Pedro Paulo. It is worth noting that, as of the date of publication of this article, the application is in the testing phase.

The Valeu application is available for download on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. As the app was developed by the City of Rio, the delivery service only works in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, both users who wish to place orders and registered establishments need to be located in the city of Rio de Janeiro to use the service.

The first step after downloading the Valeu application is to inform your location. At the top of the app’s home screen, the types of cuisine offered by establishments registered on the platform are displayed. Just below are the restaurants near you. Open stores are shown in color, while closed stores are shown in black and white, as well as displaying a notice stating that they are not currently operating. Below the name and description of the restaurant, the estimated wait time and the minimum amount to place an order are displayed.

To place an order on Valeu, select an establishment and choose one or more items from the menu by tapping the “+” icon. Then, at the bottom of the screen, tap the blue bar to be directed to the cart. This is where you can check your order details such as items in cart, total payable, delivery fee (if any), address, and approximate wait time. Then go to “Continue to payment”. Once this is done, select one of the payment methods displayed on the screen. It is possible to pay with cash or credit and debit card (in person).

Placing an order on the Valeu app is similar to the experience of buying meals on other delivery apps — Photo: Disclosure/Valeu

In tests carried out by TechTudothe experience of using the Valeu application was simple and did not bring complications. However, we were not able to finalize the order on the platform until the time of publication of the article.

The Valeu application does not charge a monthly fee from partner establishments, nor does it charge a commission fee on orders of up to R$100. Orders between R$101 and R$200 have a fixed fee of R$2%. Above R$200, the cost to the restaurant rises to 5% of the order value. Regarding transfers, the application promises to remunerate couriers with R$ 7 for each delivery in orders of up to R$ 100.

On trips made to deliver orders over this amount, the partner will receive BRL 7 plus 2% of the purchase price. According to the city hall of Rio, the delivery values ​​will be paid by the partner restaurants themselves.

Differences from Rappi and iFood

Valeu differs in some aspects from other delivery apps, such as Rappi and iFood. The main difference is in terms of fees. The application developed by the city of Rio has no monthly fee and eliminates the fees for orders in the amount of up to R$ 100. The fees charged vary between 2% and 5% when they exceed the respective amount, a different practice from iFood, which has, in the plan basic, cost of R$ 100 per month and commission fee of 12% on the order value.

The monthly delivery plan costs R$130, and a commission of 23% is charged on the value of each order. Rappi, in turn, claims that the only cost of the platform is the commission plus a value added tax (VAT), but does not inform, in its official channels, the amounts of expenses.

Valeu app promises the best rate in the food delivery market — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Another difference concerns the functioning of the algorithm. In Valeu, the closest restaurants appear in the first positions. In iFood and Rappi, big-name establishments are highlighted, as well as restaurants that achieve specific metrics, which involve the number of orders and evaluation. The services also differ in terms of availability: Rappi and iFood are present in all Brazilian states, reaching thousands of cities, while Valeu concentrates its service in the municipality of Rio.

Regarding functionality, Valeu has fewer features in its app. It is not possible, for example, to make payments directly through the platform, a feature present in Rappi and iFood. Among other advantages present in rivals are delivery scheduling, a considerably larger list of establishments and food stamp payments. The Rappi and iFood app interfaces are also more modern. It is worth remembering, however, that Valeu is in the testing phase.

iFood’s interface is more modern — Photo: Ana Marques/TechTudo

Finally, it is worth noting that, at this initial moment, the Valeu application did not release registration for delivery people. Meanwhile, professionals linked to restaurants will be responsible for deliveries. iFood and Rappi, in turn, have a large network of partners and allow deliveryers to be registered on their platforms.

How restaurants can register

The registration of restaurants on the platform is done through the address “” (without quotes). To do this, you need to create a login by adding some information, such as full name, phone number and e-mail. Then users must click on “Access the service”. After redirecting to a new page, you need to select “Registration for store owner”. So, just wait for Valeu’s validation to start sales through the app.

After registering on the website, the establishment needs to wait for validation of the Valeu app to start sales — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

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