Vegan wave doesn’t mean animal liberation

Photo: CanvaPro

Thanks to the internet and easy access to information, many people are having contact with the exploitation of animals and the harmful effects of consuming animal products.

Fortunately, these people are looking for ways to stop consuming these products, and increasingly looking for alternatives. However, most go down a path of consuming ”vegetable” products from large companies that exploit millions and millions of animals, such as buying plant-based milk from the dairy industry, plant-based meat from refrigerators and processed products with a vegan seal.

We know very well what the intention of these companies is to take ownership of such an important cause and that most of these companies are not really concerned with the end of human and animal exploitation, they are not really interested in real changes, it is just a way of surf what they call a wave. The marketing of these companies only sees the niche, not the cause.

When food industry giants launch a plant-based product on the market, they are not really concerned about the death of billions of animals.

Some people will say ”Ah, but it is already an alternative to reduce consumption”. Yes, it is an alternative, but companies will continue to produce and invest in mass production of animal origin. We can see it as an option, but we cannot ignore that this does not directly result in the end of animal exploitation.

Thousands of news stories in the mainstream media confirm how much these corporations are concerned only with the “vegan craze”, with the niche market and with the “plant-based” hamburger fad, which is often aimed at an educated middle class. with purchasing power and who do not have to worry about basic needs.

The way they look is solely and exclusively with interests in the part of the public that they are losing, and are ceasing to consume animal products. In Brazil alone, there are 30 million vegetarians, a number greater than the populations of all of Australia and New Zealand combined.

Starting to commercialize these products is just a natural reaction of these companies to co-opt a cause, and continue to exploit thousands of animals and employees in slaughterhouses.

These agribusiness giants doesn’t have two boxes in the company, one who joins the animal protection it’s the another for the slaughter, torture and explorationonly a cashier. This idea seems very simplistic, but it sums up that the marketing of vegan products by big brands, which exploit animals, is only for profit.

Photo: CanvaPro

This money that comes in through ”plant-based” products only strengthens even more the animal business in Brazil and in the world, and we, who should boycott and denounce to say enough, are supporting and financing these corporations.

Is there a big difference between putting animal butter on bread and buying a plant-based burger from a giant meat, milk and egg producer? Where does our political positioning come in, in consumption or in taste?

We know that for the end of animal exploitation, it is not enough to stop consuming products of animal origin and boycott large companies. We understand that a structural change is necessary, in production, including within large corporations.

In fact, when we see a shower of industrialized products with vegan seal on the shelves, it gives us hope, however, it is not animal liberation that moves top executives and that will not happen anytime soon.

To one day celebrate this wave of products with a vegan seal in supermarkets, we need to see real and true changes, with commitment and responsibility.

We believe that a fair world is possible, where people and companies are really thinking in a cohesive, integral and conscious way.

We are not saying what should or should not be done, everyone does their own reading and follows as they see fit.

Whoever wants to continue buying and consuming is a personal choice and must be fully respected, but we will not fail to expose how much we find uncompromising opportunism on the part of companies that exploit and will continue to exploit animals.

Let’s not fail to show that in our humble view — not encouraging, not consuming and boycotting is the minimum.

The industry wants us dependent on it, and it does so. Therefore, we need more grassroots work, easy and accessible information, food autonomy, autonomy in choices, organization and boycott.

Take the vision:

Veganism is a social movement that fights the exploitation of humans and non-humans. This veganism focused on consuming and consuming confuses and actually harms the popularization of the cause.

The issue here is not just consuming fruits and vegetables every day for the rest of your life. It is important to consume different preparations, we know that there are many delicious preparations that are not in natura. We ourselves, whenever we have an opportunity, buy butter without milk, cake, snacks, among others.