Verona Pooth: “Pretty hard” – that’s what she says about Diego’s expulsion from boarding school

San Diego Pooth, the son of TV star Verona Pooth, has trouble with his sports boarding school in Florida. Now mother Verona has commented on this and calls the consequences of the academy “pretty tough”.

San Diego Pooth (18) currently has to pursue his dream of a career as a professional golfer on a golf course away from the elite academy he actually attends in the USA. The 18-year-old son of TV star Verona Pooth (53) and her husband Franjo (52) was expelled from the academy in Florida at the end of last week, as BUNTE reports in the current issue.

In the video above, we show you Diego’s room at the Sport Academy, where he lived before breaking the rules.

Diego has been going to boarding school for almost a year with annual school fees of around 82,000 euros. Because he violated academy regulations, according to BUNTE information, he is no longer allowed to enter the campus and thus neither participate in golf training nor live on the premises. According to the report, he can graduate from high school in six weeks. In the coming weeks, however, he will have to prepare for this in online lessons in a newly rented apartment.

Now his mother Verona Pooth has commented on the events. In the RTL interview, she said that Diego and other golfers were accommodated in a hotel in Tampa by the IMG Academy after a golf tournament.

Verona Pooth on the penalty for Diego: “Of course it’s tough”

“Diego and his two best friends came up with the idea to just walk out of the hotel at 9pm, go into town, go to a diner and have a burger there – and then came back about an hour or two later , everything was good.”

Not quite – because the burger trip contradicted the rules of the academy and had consequences, as Verona added: “It came out a few days later because it was illegal.”

As a result, her son was “suspended from golfing,” said the 53-year-old. Her son therefore moved to an apartment near Tampa and is now doing his golf training on a different golf course. Because he can now do this “even more intensively” there, he is “actually very happy”. Of course he misses his friends a bit, she admitted.

Verona Pooth: “I’m glad my son has rough edges”

Verona Pooth emphasized: “What can I say? I’m glad that my son has rough edges.” At the same time, she was irritated by the academy’s punishment: “I find it pretty tough, I have to be honest. The boys are 18, best friends and go out at 9 p.m. – you have to imagine that – and eat a burger. And then it says straight away, 6 weeks you’re suspended from golf, (that) is of course hard.”

She added: “I understand the academy because they have the responsibility and of course theoretically anything could happen.” But Diego is “a completely normal young person, he goes his own way”. Because he wants to earn his own money and stay in Florida, he also signed a model contract. She was “very proud” of that and of his school grades. She said to him that his average grade was a 2, luckily he was “not a nerd” and in the evening “also had an idea,” she said. “And then he laughed and said: Yes, mommy, it’s very strict here – and it just happened.” Pooth’s management also described the incident at BUNTE as a “trifle”.


San Diego Pooth sends video message: “It’s just stupid that it came out”

A video message was shown by Diego himself during the RTL interview, in which he reported from his new apartment. After their burger trip, they were back at the hotel after an hour and a half. “It’s just stupid that it somehow came out,” says Diego. He is doing “greatly”, he is having a lot of fun and is looking forward to seeing his friends and family in Germany again in the summer holidays.

Mama Verona also emphasized that Diego’s new apartment is 30 square meters. In the sports academy he shared a 15 square meter room and a bathroom with a roommate. Diego can take good care of himself. “At the end of the day we are all just parents and make sure that our children somehow get the curve,” she summed up at the end of the interview.

Shortly after the burglary: During the photo shoot, she shows a lot of skin

Shortly after the burglary at Verona Pooth: During the photo shoot, she shows a lot of skin

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