Victoria Swarovski causes displeasure

Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski led through the show together again.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Before “Let’s Dance” started with the sixth live show on Friday evening, the show allowed itself a more or less funny April Fool’s joke, which was based on the illness-related failures of the past few weeks. In memory of: Since the beginning of the season, at least one candidate or professional dancer has been absent due to illness in every episode. Moderator Daniel Hartwich and juror Joachim Llambi also had to sit out once.

The format’s official Instagram page now said: “Unfortunately, show six cannot take place on Friday due to too many corona failures.” However, the clarification followed with the second click: “April, April! Today all celebrities and professionals are dancing!”

However, when you take a closer look at the nine dancing couples, this statement is not entirely correct, because a few days ago RTL announced that singer Michelle was not leaving because of Corona, but because of severe back problems. Thus, the contenders for the title “Dancing Star” were mixed up again. Young politician and author Caroline Bosbach, on the other hand, was happy to return to the dance floor after being kicked out. However, there was a lot of excitement after Mathias Mester’s performance.

Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin can be seen here performing.

Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin can be seen here performing.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Mathias Mester could not score this time

After Timur Ülker and Malika Dzumaev got a proud 26 points with their jive to “Gambling Man” by The Overtones and won the hearts of the jury, things didn’t go so well for the second couple. Track and field athlete Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin, who was allowed to dance again after her corona infection, showed a rumba to “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt. The clip initially showed that Mathias was still training with Patricija Ionel at the beginning. She stood in for Renata last week, who was finally allowed to test herself on Wednesday.

Not everything should work out for Mathias and Renata this time.

Not everything should work out for Mathias and Renata this time.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Mathias initially said: “I have to try not to show my mistakes because nobody knows the choreo.” In practice, however, this only worked to a limited extent. He also revealed in advance what was particularly troubling for him: “You have to find the beat, pay attention to your feet, your hips.” In any case, he was happy to be back on the floor with his dance partner. “Renata is hot as frying fat, the vacation, the quarantine has done her a lot of good,” he joked.

Mathias quickly noticed that things weren't going smoothly this time.

Mathias quickly noticed that things weren’t going smoothly this time.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

While the two finally presented their dance, the audience could see how Mathias danced and whispered something to Renata. “I asked her how she was,” he said with a wink. Daniel Hartwich immediately noticed that he had not been convinced of his performance:

“Then Matze shakes his head. If there was a wobble, after the lifting figure it was forgotten.”

Motsi Mabuse then encouraged Mathias.

Motsi Mabuse then encouraged Mathias.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Motsi then said: “You have to decide this fight for yourself. You have everything, you’ve already won, you’re here. You put too much pressure on yourself, it gets in your head and in your steps. Now you’ve made your biggest blunder. You lead correctly, so many good elements, but you have to win this fight.” Jorge added: “I think you will win the fight, you are an athlete. Here you kept dancing. I believed everything you said in your expression. You transport so many feelings.”

Hartwich pointed out to him again that there was a standing ovation from the audience. Mathias replied: “I really appreciate that. I offer everything, mistakes and normal dancing, the compact package.” The moderator took that as a template to announce Joachim Llambi’s verdict: “We also offer everything here.”

Joachim Llambi gave his unsparing verdict.

Joachim Llambi gave his unsparing verdict.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

The juror quickly made it clear: “That wasn’t your dance today.” The audience promptly booed him, but he didn’t let that deter him: “It has nothing to do with booing. The truth is here on the surface, you were completely out. It was a little smooth but your backline didn’t work. I wasn’t convinced of you today. That’s the difficulty of getting mobility in the body. I know you’re a tough guy, but it’s getting less and less every week and the performance needs to increase.”

Before the two got their jury verdict, Victoria Swarovksi caused displeasure among the viewers with her saying. She said to Mathias: “The spectators really have to call today. My rumba wasn’t much better either, but I still made it into the final and won.” As a reminder: In 2016, the crystal heir won the ninth season together with Erich Klann. Since 2018 she has been moderating the show together with Daniel Hartwich and replaced Sylvie Meis at this point.

The fans of the show would have wished that Victoria had taken a step back at this point, although it was also increasingly stated that this time it wasn’t Mathias’ dance and that a favorite status could be fatal to him. In the end, the athlete only got a total of 16 points from the jury. Motsi and Jorge missed six and Llambi only swung a 4-point trowel.


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