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A paraplegic stray dog ​​was abandoned on a road in Macacos, in Nova Lima, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte. Joiner Adrio Silva Melgao told how he rescued the animal. “We’re used to rescuing the dogs that people ‘throw away up here on the mountain,’” he said. “But this one was really, really sad. I was leaving the house with my wife, and my friend came on a motorcycle with the dog asking me for help. Imagine if we didn’t pass by and saw him? The poor thing would die of hunger and thirst, he can only crawl. We want to treat him worthy of a living being”, he added.

According to Adrio, the kitchen was found yesterday morning, at 7:30 am, in the entrance of a condominium under construction. “Perhaps the intention was that he would not be found at all,” he lamented. The carpenter lives with his wife and has a mini zoo at home. “Here at home, it’s my wife and I, plus about 50 chickens, 20 roosters, 5 cats and 3 dogs. We already take care of many, but we rescue them because we don’t have the courage to leave them on the street. My wife and I are very attached to animals, in fact, they are worth more than human beings. Of pure love indeed.”

The mutt dog was found on a road. He has trouble walking and eating. (photo: Personal Archive/Disclosure)
Other residents of the Jardim Amanda neighborhood, in So Sebastio das guas Claras – the official name of Macacos -, reported more cases of animal abuse and abandonment. According to them, outsiders have been coming to the region to abandon dogs, cats and other animals for years, due to the wilderness and little movement. The population helps the animals as best they can, but there is no more space to shelter them. Therefore, an appeal was made to the City of Nova Lima.
To try to help the animals, citizens mobilized on WhatsApp in a group called “Proteo Animal”. “We try to help as we can. We get appointments, vet follow-up and all, but we don’t have a place to put them. It’s no use doing all that, and they’re back on the street. We need to create a public shelter,” said Cassilene Ribeiro.

According to the resident, a recent case was of a black mutt found on a road in Macacos without the movement of its hind legs, very thin and thirsty. “He can’t walk straight, he’s paralyzed. People are throwing the animals on the road anyway. We are no longer able to take care of it without this support”.

Nova Lima City Hall was called to try to help. According to Cassilene, the municipality’s Environment Department was very helpful with the situation. “They said they would take care of the consultations if we could get someone to keep the paraplegic dog. If (the co) needed surgery, they would try to get it. But unfortunately, there is nowhere to take them.”

Note from City Hall

In a note, the Nova Lima City Hall informed that it has acted incisively to curb the practice of abandonment and mistreatment of animals in the city, including municipal legislation that typifies these crimes, authorizes the Municipal Civil Guard to act, establishes fines and conducts the offender police station for registration of incident report.

“In addition, (the City Hall) carries out several awareness campaigns on issues related to the issue, among them, responsible tutoring, and encourages the population to denounce these cases”.

Last year, “the City Hall established the Permanent Forum for the Animal Cause, which guarantees broad participation of civil society in actions related to the theme”.

“For the first time in the history of the city, it has invested effectively in the animal welfare policy, guaranteeing resources both for referral to veterinary medical care and for the castration service that, since 2021, has already performed more than 2,000 consultations in the city” .


Also in Macacos, residents observed the mistreatment of dogs that, according to them, “the owners are able to take care of”. However, when they denounced the Military Police, there was no return. “They ignore it, when we talk about animal abuse they totally ignore the complaint, they don’t even come”, commented Cassilene Ribeiro.

She reveals curses and threats when residents find the owners of abandoned or mistreated animals and question them about the situation. “We have two Golden Retrievers locked in a house. We try to feed and water it through the fence, and we know it has an owner. The house is good, but we have already been threatened if we continue to help”.

Military Police

In contact with the State of Minesthe Nova Lima Military Police clarified that the complaints were forwarded to the Environmental Policing Command.

“The Military Environment Police Battalion through the 3rd Military Environment Police Platoon of Nova Lima, under the command of 2nd Lieutenant André, researched in the entrance hall of complaints about animal abuse in the Macacos region.

“The records of only two complaints from DDU 181 were found. In the year 2021, more precisely on 03/07 there was a complaint, and on 06/14/22 another complaint was filed, which is to be answered , referring to ill-treatment by means of a clandestine slaughterhouse”.

“As for the reports of ill-treatment due to abandonment, we add that to date no report has been filed with the 3rd Pel PM MAmb of Nova Lima”.

Dog that was found inside a garbage bag, by residents (photo: Personal Archive/Disclosure)

solidarity vets

Frederico Fulgncio Caldas, a military firefighter and veterinarian by training, has lived in the region for 4 years and said that since he arrived, there have always been cases of abandonment. “We already made a box, there was also a monthly donation. We paid for a vet and even a temporary home.”

According to him, several vets support and help with material. The firefighter will also contribute to the situation of the paraplegic dog by donating food and making a wheelchair so that he can move around normally.

Frederico believes it is difficult to find those responsible and punish them. However, the main objective is to find people or places that can receive these rescued animals.

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