Viking diet lowers bad cholesterol. Learn to adapt the menu

When it comes to weight loss, people usually want some kind of miracle diet that changes the body in a short time. However, opting for food reeducation is the best option.

Created in 2004, the Nordic diet promises to be a healthy diet. The food plan was recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for those who seek quality of life and need to lose a few pounds.

The diet is based on the traditional food of the Nordic countries, but it has nothing to do with the large pieces of meat made at the fire by characters in Viking movies and series.

The plan advocates a high intake of fish such as salmon and herring, vegetable oils, whole grains and berries. In addition, a low intake of sugars, fats is recommended. dairy products and proteins from red meat and chicken.

It is very similar to the Mediterranean diet, but the biggest difference is the fat source: while the Mediterranean diet emphasizes olive oil, the Nordic diet prioritizes canola oil.

According to nutritionist Cynara Oliveira, nutrition supervisor at Hospital Santa Lúcia, the Nordic diet is basically composed of foods that help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

“Fish are foods rich in proteins and omega 3, which help in heart health. Vegetable oils, in turn, help control blood pressure and increase good cholesterol. The fibers of whole grains also contribute to the elimination of bad fat from the body”, explains the nutritionist.

Red fruits, in addition to being tasty, have several health benefits. They are rich in vitamins B and C, which contribute to the proper functioning of cells and antioxidant action. They also contain magnesium, calcium, anthocyanins and phenolic compounds, which help fight aging.

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A study promoted by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, proved that the Nordic menu reduces the levels of sugar and harmful cholesterol in the blood. The menu also favors blood pressure control.

The 200 research participants were divided into two groups: one followed the Nordic diet and the other followed the universal menu. Those who adopted the Viking diet became clinically healthier, regardless of weight.

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How to adapt to Brazil?

Although some Nordic foods are not easily and affordable here, it is possible to eat like a viking. To do this, just make a few substitutions on the menu.

“We have a huge variety of red fruits in the country. Açaí, watermelon, strawberry, grape and jabuticaba are some options. In addition, herring and salmon can be exchanged for tilapia, hake, tuna or sardines, which are found at a cheaper price”, suggests Cynara.

Chia is an excellent source of fiber and is also rich in omega 3. As the Nordic diet is based on greens and vegetables, it is recommended to see which varieties are in season to get cheaper prices. “Instead of carbohydrates, the tip is to invest in what we call complex carbohydrates: brown rice and cassava are good and easy to find options”, explains the specialist.

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