Viola with criticism of Heidi Klum after Aus – “a lot to ask”

This week, Viola surprisingly flew out of “GNTM”.Image: viola.gntm22.official/instagram

Viola is or was certainly the most striking candidate of the current season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” – not only because of her pink hair, but also because of her idiosyncratic character. Many fans initially even speculated that the 21-year-old had been smuggled into the format by the satirist Jan Böhmermannbut this suspicion was eventually denied. In the show itself, Viola was given mostly good chances.

So the events of the latest issue came as all the more surprising: Viola had to pack her bags after confusing customers. Her casting task for the jewelry label Six was to act a scene in which she applies for her dream job and shows her authentic style. Her dream is to help the homeless, Viola confirmed – in a crop top and blazer. Somehow it just didn’t add up.

Now Viola spoke for the first time after her “GNTM” break via her official show account on Instagram. On the occasion, she made it clear that she cannot understand the criticism, at least in part.

Viola defends himself after Heidi Klum’s decision

First, Viola looked back on the casting for Six in her story. “Back when I was teaching the catwalk, Heidi gave me the tip that I should tell them that I wanted to help the homeless because not everyone wanted to go there.”she remembered. But although this tip came from Heidi, Viola admitted that in the end the overall picture was lacking: “But yeah, I think it was a bit messy with my story and the outfit, because of course I wouldn’t go to work like that , but wanted to relate to modeling.”

the "GNTM"-Contestants posed in Moschino dresses.

The “GNTM” candidates posed in Moschino dresses.Image: ProSieben / Richard Huebner

“It didn’t work out so well”, was Viola’s conclusion on this section, because “a surprising number of positive things” had been said about her.

In addition, the most recent episode showed a casting for the fashion label LaLaBerlin, during which the following sentence was said about Viola: “I didn’t get any of it except my hair.” Apparently, this criticism hit her a little harder, because now the model aspirant said:

“Actually, I thought they thought I was funny. But now I’ve seen on TV that nobody remembers anything about me except my hair. And I have to say: well, I can’t really believe that, because, as you’ve always seen, I actually have a good talent for not being forgotten.”

Viola comments on the past "GNTM"-Output.

Viola comments on the past “GNTM” edition.Image: viola.gntm22.official/instagram

In retrospect, however, Viola is also self-critical on social media. “My weakness so far has always been the shoots”she admitted, for example, but explained that she had almost never been (professionally) photographed before “GNTM”. In the course of the season she could see an improvement in herself, but Viola was now the end of the line long before the finale.

The “GNTM” candidate, for her part, criticizes

Finally, the candidate who was eliminated criticized Heidi Klum, because the compilations on TV conveyed to Viola that more was asked of her than of others. Referring again to the shoots, she added: “Now that I’ve seen it again on TV, I had the feeling that a lot was always being asked of me. I’ve already been asked to be in three different positions with three different objects. Now that I was on TV, I had the feeling that the others weren’t asking for it. I found that kind of interesting to see.

Viola did not receive any feedback on her last walk during the shoot, but she had now seen on TV that her pose was simply not well received – on the other hand, many of her competitors had shown similar posts, so it was “not an individual error”. At this point, Viola began to criticize again, because the desire for what was specifically required was “not communicated so well” here. “Typically, the walks have always been about personality,” Viola recapitulated.


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