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Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, better known as salt baeHe has become one of the most acclaimed internet personalities in the world thanks to the peculiar way he cuts meat and adds salt to his dishes. Something that has made millions of people share videos of the butcher making himself viral Worldwide.

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The success of the Turkish chef on social networks led to the opening of restaurants not only in Istanbul but also in cities such as Doha, New York, MykonosMiami or London. All of them very fashionable and highly requested by the most demanding clients and the most international celebrities.

However, not everything is rosy for Salt Bae. the restaurant chain nur-y has received numerous reviews from their guests. Now, the viral claim of a client who says he had a bad time in Nusr-Et Las Vegas after having received the bill while he was still enjoying his dessert. This is her viral story.

Nusret Gökçe, nicknamed Salt Bae, is a Turkish butcher who owns Nusr-Et, a Turkish chain of steakhouses. (Photo: Instagram)


In the best restaurants you always expect to receive A1 service, a certain level of attention and dishes with quality ingredients. So when internet celebrity and Turkish butcher Salt Bae recently opened his Las Vegas location, the public couldn’t wait to try it out.

However, more than one client states that their experience at the new Nusr-Et branch in the Sin City It was overshadowed by the poor service they offer. A diner stated in a revision from application of reservations open table what the bill was brought to him unasked and while he was still enjoying his dinner.

“It’s not worth the $500 spent. They left the bill while I ate dessert saying they would come back for it when we were ready. There is no offer of coffee. Done in just over an hour with appetizer, food, drinks and dessert”wrote the user identified as LorrieB.

A customer at Salt Bae's restaurant in Las Vegas complained about his treatment.  (Photo: Open Table)
A customer at Salt Bae’s restaurant in Las Vegas complained about his treatment. (Photo: Open Table)

Another customer complained about the table where he was placed. “If they sit you at the table 2 meters from the elevator door, don’t sit there. They told me it wasn’t open. However, it happened about four times with employees using this from the second floor to go down and access the back kitchen on the other side of the double doors. Very disappointed”wrote about his experience at Nusr-Et Las Vegas.

This is not the first time that Salt Bae customers have complained about the service at the restaurant chain. Last January, several diners who went to the Nusr-Et London they told that they spent hours waiting for a table despite having a reservation made several weeks in advance.


seven are located in Turkeycountry where Salt Bae was born, five of them in Istanbul alone. In the rest of Europe there are two, in Mykonos, Greece, and London, where Nusret received very strong criticism.

Two others are open in the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, one respectively in Qatar, in Doha and in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. With the one in Las Vegas now there is six Salt Bae restaurants in Americathe others are located in New York, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles and Dallas.

This is what the Salt Bae restaurant in London looks like inside.  (Photo: OpenTable)
This is what the Salt Bae restaurant in London looks like inside. (Photo: OpenTable)


Nusret, 38, currently has 19 restaurants in his chain and has a legion of celebrity devotees, including DJ Khaled, Leonardo Dicaprio and David Beckham. He opened his London branch in October, with famous and influential people eager to taste the dishes of the Internet celebrity.

Recently, a millionaire who dined at the new London restaurant claimed via social media that “not worth it” and that the prices charged in the establishment are “exorbitant”.

Salt Bae's restaurant offers a steak covered in gold for nearly $2,000.  (Photo: Instagram)
Salt Bae’s restaurant offers a steak covered in gold for nearly $2,000. (Photo: Instagram)

Since Salt Bae opened his restaurant in London last September, more than one diner has been surprised by the excessive cost of table service, which came to 6,900 dollarsand numerous customers expressed their dismay over the accounts via social media.

According to Chiraag Suchak, a 33-year-old millionaire, a meal at the restaurant isn’t even worth it. “How could a man justify charging $15 for a drink or $870 for a steak?”commented to the British outlet MyLondon about his experience at the Salt Bae venue.

However, the dozens of complaints and criticisms from customers against its premises located in the city of London have become quite frequent in recent weeks. So much so that even the most renowned gastronomic critics They have visited Salt Bae’s restaurant to comment on it.


The menu is divided into 5 parts: the main banquet, the golden banquetthe wine list, soft drinks and cocktails and spirits. The central banquet lists non-gold plated dishes such as beef carpaccio, steak tartare or meat sushi entrees and salads such as Ottoman sald and Caesar salad.

But, of course, the attraction of Salt Bae’s new location in Sin City is the golden banquet dishes, more expensive than the other branches of the Turkish chef. The $180 Golden Burger, the $75 Golden Cappucino and the Golden Salt Giant Bae Tomahawk of $2,400.

Salt Bae restaurant prices in Las Vegas.  (Photo:
Salt Bae restaurant prices in Las Vegas. (Photo:
Prices at Salt Bae's restaurant in Las Vegas.  (Photo:
Prices at Salt Bae’s restaurant in Las Vegas. (Photo:


The Turkish Butcher’s Restaurant salt bae in London opened last September and the London branch continue looking for jobs administrative positions such as cashiers and maintenance personnel, as well as positions in the kitchen such as waiters, sushi and grill chefs.

In most jobs have been published in an ad on the website staff with previous experience is requested. Here are all the positions and salaries that are offered:

  • Restaurant cashier – £13.00 an hour
  • Sushi Chef – £14.00 an hour plus tips
  • Cocktail Waitress – £15.00 an hour plus tips
  • Handyman – £13.00 an hour
  • Restroom Attendant – Competitive Salary
The positions and salaries offered by Salt Bae's restaurant in London.  (Photo:
The positions and salaries offered by Salt Bae’s restaurant in London. (Photo:
  • Boss sommelier – Competitive salary
  • Game Master – Between £12.00 and £13.50 an hour plus tips
  • Waiters/waitresses – £15.00 an hour plus tips
  • Busboy – Between £12.00 and £13.50 an hour plus tips
  • Grill Chef – Competitive Salary

Note: 1 pound sterling is equal to 1.36 US dollars


Gökçe visited several countries, such as Argentina and the United States between 2007 and 2010, where worked in restaurants without receiving a salaryin order to gain experience as a cook and restaurateur. After his return to Turkey, Salt Bae opened his first restaurant in Istanbul in 2010. Four years later, in 2014, he opened a restaurant in Dubai.

Salt Bae worked in restaurants without pay, in order to gain experience as a cook.  (Photo: Instagram)
Salt Bae worked in restaurants without pay, in order to gain experience as a cook. (Photo: Instagram)

Gökçe became better known through a series of viral internet videos and memes starting in 2017, showing him cutting meat and adding salt. That same year during the delivery of the Laureus Awards, Gökçe served Olympic medalist Simone Biles. In December 2017, she received criticism for a 2016 photo of her posing in front of an image of Fidel Castro.


Salt Bae: The Story of a Butchery Worker Who Became the World's Most Famous Chef
Salt Bae is a very famous Turkish chef in the world who managed to forge the millionaire empire that he enjoys today starting with a humble job such as the butcher shop. In the following video, we tell you a little more about him, which will undoubtedly surprise you by the way he cuts meat and the exorbitant prices that a meal costs in his restaurant.

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