Walter Mercado: Horoscope for today, Sunday, May 8

Note to readers: Dannette Benet Mercado, niece and collaborator of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.


(March 20 – April 18th)

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day. Children, young people, they inject you with joy and ensure that better times will come for you and your family. Focus your energy on thanking everything that you enjoy by divine order. Your statement today: “Every day I attract blessings for myself and my loved ones.” Lucky numbers: 25, 37, 41, 5.


(April 19 – 19 of May)

The Sun still with you giving you success, luck and blessings. Nothing to be depressed or distressed. Change that thought for a radically opposite one which brings hope to your life. Celebrate Mother’s Day in a big way. Hang out with positive people. Your affirmation today: “Let go, I let go of all negative thoughts.” Lucky numbers: 40, 47, 25, 34.


(May 20 – 19 of June)

Today is a good day to spend with family. Avoid talking about everything that worries, anguishes or bothers you so as not to create gossip or misunderstandings. In love you must apply the same rule. Letting go of what you dislike will only lead to creating more resentment. Your affirmation today: “I decree that every open door or new opportunity that comes will be for my good.” Lucky numbers: 17, 39, 44, 11.


(June 20th – July 21)

The stars conspire for you to dedicate more time to yourself, especially if you celebrate Mother’s Day. You need to comply with other people and with yourself as well. Everything is possible and what you do you will do it full of love and gratitude. You will be in charge of one or several activities. Your affirmation today: “I am successful in everything I do.” Lucky numbers: 6, 45, 43, 52.


(July 22 – August 21)

positive and a lot of passion. Your fire is rekindled. You burn, you leave traces on every person of interest. Your sensuality and personal magnetism increases. You are impressed by someone who can teach you something new. Your statement today: “I feel confident, calm and a lot of love.” Lucky numbers: 3, 18, 29, 15.


(August 22nd – Sept 21)

Today is a happy day. You feel positive and hopeful. The period of bad luck ends. Your faith is renewed because you believe that everything that is now open to you is a reward for everything you have given and worked for a long time. Your statement today: “All the energy of love is within me.” Lucky numbers: 39, 43, 17, 44.


(Sept. 22 – Oct 22)

Decide to make today a special day and more if you celebrate Mother’s Day. Take advantage of any invitation or event in which you participate to infect yourself with love, happiness and good luck. Appreciate the love and attention given to you by those who love you. Let nothing disturb you today. Your affirmation today: “Everything I set out to do, I achieve.” Lucky numbers: 45, 28, 16, 20.


(Oct 23 – Nov 20)

You want to spend a different Sunday, get out of the routine. Scorpios are very passionate and need action. Celebrate this day your way and doing what you want most. Indulge yourself. Every relationship with siblings enjoys a better understanding. Your statement today: “I decree that something wonderful is about to happen.” Lucky numbers: 30, 40, 12, 18.


(Nov 21 – Dec 20)

On this day anything can happen. Your sign is by nature protective and maternal. Flow and allow others to be in charge. You will be happier if you do not impose rules or controls on those around you. Pets or adopting a dog or cat will fill you with great joy. Your affirmation today: “A great source of love, prosperity and health flows over me.” Lucky numbers: 9, 29, 34, 45.


(Dec 21 – Jan 18)

This Mother’s Day you feel inclined to the mystical, spiritual or esoteric. You understand everything easily. Everything you dream will be like a premonition. You will attract like a magnet everything you ask and decree with faith. Otherwise, if your thoughts are negative, bad luck will accompany you. Your affirmation today: “Every day I am happier and more joyful”. Lucky numbers: 22, 43, 12, 51.


(Jan 19 – Feb 17)

Today many celebrate Mother’s Day and you are like white rice in any event or celebration to which you are invited. Planetary energy inclines you to control expenses and also to take care of your diet. Moderation in everything to avoid complications. Your statement today: “Fears and insecurities belong to the past.” Lucky numbers: 10, 30, 32, 44.


(Feb 18 – 19 of March)

On this Mother’s Day, give your time, love and attention to those who need it. You are an extremely spiritual, creative, cheerful and fun being. Put your worries aside and enjoy being in an environment surrounded by happiness. Your affirmation today: “My mind is renewed and I have thoughts of success and well-being.” Lucky numbers: 4, 54, 1, 34.


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