We already know how the first Mercadona de Setúbal will be

We already know how the first Mercadona de Setúbal will be

The Spanish retailer’s store opens next Tuesday, June 28, and will feature typical products from the region.

The store has 1900 square meters.

Mercadona has been present in Portugal since 2019, with a special focus on the north of the country. That’s why it’s normal for the inhabitants further south, especially below the Tagus River, to be curious to know what they can find in these shops. Even more so now, just a few days before the opening of the retailer’s first store, in Setúbal, on Avenida Mestre Lima de Freitas.

We already know that for years, many people from Setúbal – and not only – have made excursions to the Spanish border towns to be able to buy, among others, products such as Mercadona’s moisturizing creams and the famous guacamole.

Still, there is much more to discover in the Spanish supermarket chain that now arrives in the city of Sado. Precisely a week before the opening of the Setúbal store, NiT spoke with the company’s managers and told them everything they can expect from the new store.

For starters, count on a space of 1900 square meters and a car park with capacity for 140 spaces. Some of these are intended for electric cars with a charging station, which shows the brand’s concern with sustainability.

In this field, there will also be solar panels to feed space energy. Another detail is that the store’s windows work in tandem with the interior lamps, which are regulated according to the light that enters from outside, with the aim of saving money.

As with all Mercadona stores, the one in Setúbal will also have wide aisles to offer customers “a comfortable shopping experience”. Two shopping carts easily pass each other, so there’s no need to go into awkward dances with the other customers.

Since we’re talking about trolleys and convenience, it’s important to mention that they don’t need a coin, so you don’t have to worry about change. Still, do not take the stroller home because they have a system that does not allow them to leave the perimeter of the car park.

Now that you understand the physical structure of the store, let’s move on to the products. Here you will find categories such as house cleaning, hygiene and beauty care, pet items, food and drinks. Don’t expect to find clothes, appliances or other products like the competition, because there aren’t any.

Of course, you can find some of the best sellers in the Spanish chain, such as the anti-wrinkle cream from the Sisbela brand, the clothes perfume, various gluten-free products or even powdered peanuts. In addition to these, you can discover new articles designed especially in Setúbal.

“There are some products that, due to our way of working, we have adapted to the customer in this area, such as Azeitão cheeses, Azeitão pies and fresh fish that comes from the auctions. We created a brand for Moscatel de Setúbal, which is produced in Setúbal”, explains to NiS the communication director of Mercadona in Portugal, André Silva.

Thus, you will be able to discover the muscatel produced by the José Maria da Fonseca company, the pies made by the Fábrica de Tortas Azeitonense or the cheese made by Victor Fernandes Queijaria Artesanal. As with all products from Mercadona’s own brands, the producers are always indicated on the labels, so you can easily find out where each product comes from.

In relation to its competitors, Mercadona also stands out for not having promotions, cards or other types of enticement. The prices of the articles are stable and the objective is that you really buy what you like or need and not the products that are on campaign. In this way, it wants to value itself for the quality of the products and not for the promotions. “Our war is one of quality”, defends the official.

Behind the products presented in stores — and even the chain’s transition to Portugal — is a group of experts who are dedicated daily to investigating everything related to each product or section. These professionals will look for current trends, see how customers behave in stores and even analyze details such as why a certain product has a color or a shape and not others. It is also their responsibility as to whether or not the brand has a certain item for sale.

The company’s concern with the social side is also notorious. If, on the one hand, they seek to create jobs for the local population — in Setúbal there will be around 65 new jobs — on the other hand, they try to support those who need it most by creating partnerships with the Food Bank Against Hunger and with social solidarity institutions from the zone. In this way, in addition to helping, they are also fighting food waste, one of the company’s goals.

As for the future, the Spanish brand plans to reach a total of 40 stores in Portugal by the end of the year. While waiting for the opening of the Setúbal store, click on the gallery to discover some of the products that you will be able to find in the space.

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