“We don’t expect you to accept it!”


June 12, 2022 – 10:42 p.m watch

The fact that Princess Märtha Louise of Norway (50), the big sister of Crown Prince Haakon (48), loves a shaman – it wasn’t just the royal family in Oslo that initially had a problem with it. Durek Verrett (47) is the name of the man at her side. And even though they’ve been together for a good three years now and even want to get married, some people still don’t seem to understand their relationship. Now they talk about their love. But it is accompanied by hate messages: “They just don’t want a real ‘Bridgerton’. But we are the real one!”

Martha Louise has learned a lot

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Durek Verrett are getting married.

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“Hi everyone. I’m sitting here with my fiancee,” Durek begins the Insta-Live with his princess by his side. At these words, she beams from ear to ear. They want to get married, which they officially announced a few days ago. Durek still has to get used to the word “fiancée”. In this live talk with their followers, they want to talk about relationships. Durek and Märtha get a lot of compliments. “Nice couple,” reads the 47-year-old several times and thanks.

But not everyone sees the couple that way. During their hour-long Insta-Talk, they also talk about completely different news. Hate messages, they even get death threats. Why? Mainly because she’s white – and he’s black. The sad reality of this bad news was a moment that opened her eyes for the princess: “I went through a big learning curve with my privileged white background.”

People only want to see “Bridgerton” on TV – not in reality

"Bridgerton" until "extraction": The most successful Netflix hits

In one of his statements, Durek Verrett refers to the hit series “Bridgerton”.

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This description of Märtha Louise is particularly crass: “I saw people who spoke to me very friendly. But when they turned to Durek, they were really terrible. They didn’t shake his hand, didn’t say ‘hello’. Although they were so nice to me before.”

For Durek, the reason for this is obvious. That would lie in the history of the European nobility. “They don’t want to see a black man in the royal family because there never was.” Alluding to the huge Netflix hit Bridgerton, a series set in British high society and which also features several multiracial couples, he says: “People want to see it on TV, but they want the real ones ‘Bridgertons’ aren’t and we are.”

Don’t let news like this get you down

But none of this news seems to change the deep love they feel for each other. “I am who I am and she loves me,” concludes Durek. Märtha Louise explains that she doesn’t expect people to accept it. But everyone lives their life differently. That is right and important. Above all, he loves the princess for being such a great mother: “You’re a great mom,” he says to his fiancé several times. Märtha Louise has three daughters from her previous marriage to writer and artist Ari Behn († 47). The Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” told her daughter, Leah Isadora Behn (17), this week that she is very happy for her mother.

For Märtha Louise, Durek is the one who would take her out of her comfort zone. “I dance with him on the street,” she says, beaming with joy. They also played the video game “Mario Kart” together. Wonderfully normal! A beautiful couple who unfortunately often have to show strength due to some people not wanting to arrive in 2022.

But if you look at the two in this Insta-Live, they pull it off really well together. (vne)


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