We know the Villa Gourmet BB Seguros, which opens this Tuesday at Pontão

A mix of music, art and gastronomy for the whole family has become a charming village located in Pontão do Lago Sul. Inspired by Campos do Jordão, a municipality in Serra da Mantiqueira, Villa Gourmet BB Seguros opens its doors to the public this Tuesday (7/19) and runs until October 2nd. Column Claudia Meireles was present at the soft openingheld this Monday (7/18), and shows all the details.

According to Eduardo Gontijo, a partner at Qu4tro Produções, one of the most popular winters in the country is Campos do Jordão. “Our intention was to bring that experience here. We invested a lot in scenography and used all the references from there”, he says.

Surprisingly, the idea came in January of this year, but the decision to implement it took place 40 days ago. “We put everything together in 22 days, it’s crazy”, jokes Eduardo.

Welcome to Villa Gourmet BB Seguros!
To eat

With the structure approved, in an area of ​​six thousand square meters, it was time to think about the gastronomy that would “cover” Villa Gourmet BB Seguros. “We brought a mix of operations that complement each other. So, we invited chefs that we know would be competent to provide this service”, says Eduardo Gontijo.

To compose the gastronomic village, the organization called on companies such as Petrarca Cucina, an operation focused on Italian cuisine under the command of chef Marcelo Petrarca. “This was a brand that was at a standstill, it already had a project, but I was waiting for the right moment. So, we were called and I went in”, says the restaurateur in front of the Lake and Block C.

Marcelo Petrarca and Flavio Vieira

“Probably, if you leave here, Petrarca Cucina will become a permanent restaurant somewhere in Brasília”, says the chef. The column was curious about the location of the new space!

next to the spot Italian, another novelty draws the attention of passers-by: the sweet shop Mãe&Filha Ateliê, owned by partners Marcella Petrarca and Tina Nasser. “We created a product for Villa Gourmet: the slice cakewhich are sliced ​​cakes of various flavors”, shares Marcella Pinho, highlighting red velvet as the flagship.

Tina Nasser and Marcela Petrarca

Also part of the village’s gastronomic list is the renowned Chicago steakhouse, the seafood delights of Saveur Bistrot, led by chef Thiago Paraiso; Chez L’ami Creperie; Au Fondue, which will only be open at night; Pizzaria da Vila, a project owned by the project; Swiss Gourmet; Boechat Charcuterie and Duck Bill.

Thiago Paraíso

Eduardo Gontijo tells the column that, starting in August, every 15 days, Villa Gourmet BB will receive renowned chefs who will prepare dishes with four hands together with a local chef. “This dish will be on the village menu for a week”, says the creator. Names like Carlos Bertolazzi, Paula Labaki, Thomas Troisgros are foreseen by the organization.


It is also speculated that feijoadas will be held on Saturdays or Sundays.

A mix of music, art and gastronomy has become a charming village located in Pontão do Lago Sul
To listen

The soundtrack that will lead the experience through the corners of Villa Gourmet was all designed in the tradition of Campos de Jordão. Something in the jazz and blues style will pack the public’s visit.

The project will feature musical attractions
For the children

Dads and moms will be able to relax while strolling through the gastronomic village, as the children will have a program totally dedicated to them. “There is a toy library and the space will have children’s performances on weekends. Also, we want to make a movie on Wednesdays, in open air”, highlights Eduardo.

children’s ward

In addition to the cellar, the project provides a deck that can host birthdays or various events.

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Priscila Valadares and Eraldo Queiroz
Cíntia Lins and Marcelo Morais
Carol Oliveira
Ana Paula Habka, Lino Fructuoso and Alberto Habka
Valter Lourenço and Hendy Miranda
Eduardo Ganassin and Thiago Malva
Marcelo Lourenço, marketing director at BB Seguros
Sharon Emily, Rani Rockert and Juliana Viegas
Thamires Ximenes
Eliane Rocha and Lidia Alves
Lucas Falcão, Eduardo Gontijo and Felipe Leão
Aline Souza
Alexandre Brandao and Lara Rocha
Vivi Campos and Claudia Meireles
Cynthia Malacarne and Leninha Camargo
Luciana Del Fiaco and Jessica Sá
Paulo Cézar Chaves, Adrianna Pattos, Leandros Matos and Lino Fructuoso
Thiago Malva and Karl Jeanneth
Julia and Ronaldo Tolentino
Cris Coimbra

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