Welcome to Eden: The 10 most shocking moments of the series

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Welcome to Eden.

Little by little we are recovering our breath while we say: What just happened?! welcome to eden is a Serie that invites you to that, for those of us who jump ahead and can’t resist a good marathon, those whose eyes hurt and end up with a strangely comforting headache, we can only say one word: surprise. A surprise that is cooking, little by little, like every good thriller and chapter by chapter they spoon-feed us some of this great soup called Welcome to Eden.

From synopsis, we knew that the theme was going roundabout. Of those detours that smell bad (for good) and make you suspicious. For a long time this project has been marked as one of the series that would surprise for its dynamics and theme. ‘You are happy?.‘, they questioned the first previews of the series, in a kind of confrontation with the public, as if any millennial I said yes, without a second’s hesitation. But apart from that and the more philosophical issues, what good party doesn’t make us forget everything (even for a moment)? And in that, welcome to eden, hooked us with a simple phrase. First moment of surprise.

It is clear that the exciting moments in any series come to the final or, in some cases, with the conclusion of each chapter, but this new spanish series It confronts us from surprise to surprise without letting us breathe. And, now catching our breath a bit, we can recapitulate the moments that left us speechless and made us answer Netflix ‘Yes’, to his classic question ‘are you still there?’

The 10 most shocking moments of Welcome to Eden

In Welcome to Eden, the protagonists prepare for ‘the trip of their lives’.


Only the here and now matters…

We know that every good party today has to start with Pepas de Farruko. Be it our song of the moment or just a guilty pleasure momentary, it is undeniable to say that we were not moved by the first party anthem starting the course to Eden. While in the background we listen to ‘Pepa y agua pa’ la seca’, we meet our protagonists: Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi), Africa (Belinda), Judith (Ana Mena), Ibon (Diego Garissa) and Charlie (Thomas Aguilera).

It is clear that the arrival at what promises to be an exclusive party, little by little becomes something more, all thanks to Blue Eden, the name of the energy drink brand that invited young people to the celebration. The reception promises a lot with the following message: ‘the journey of your life begins now‘.

You are all going to die on this island

Obviously, we all began to suspect the Eden Foundation. Astrid (Amaia Salamanca) and Erik (William Pfening), they were suspicious from the first moment. But everything begins to take a clear course when it is known that, from the party held on an island that nobody knows, there is no way to return. After the excuses of the lack of boats, bad weather and many others, we know the fate of the guests with the phrase: ‘you are all going to die on this island’. Inside a fateful chapter 3 which marks the death of Aldo (Albert Baro) and leaves us speechless with what really happens in the dark depths of Eden.

Charlie’s past

After the already announced aldo’s death, the four new members are welcome to stay in Eden. Through manipulation, Erik and, most importantly, Astrid, begin to communicate with them about their traumas and the reasons why they were chosen for ‘the party of their lives’. In it chapter 4 Charly’s turn comes, who opens in a ceremonial format before Astrid’s questions and finally talks about his past and his torments. A past that has distanced him from his family, who blames him for the death of his little sisterwhen he was only 8 years old and she was 5.

Amaia Aberasturi (Zoa) and Ana Mena (Judith) in Welcome to Eden.

Lucia Faraig/Netflix

Zoa finds out what happened to Judith

Nico (Sergio Momo) and Zoa begin to be inseparable, the couple continues to search for the whereabouts of Judith, whom Zoa has not known since the first night she spent in Eden. Without finding an answer, Zoa begins to lose her calm, an issue that is not to the liking of the members of the Foundation and we discover, through Bel (Begona Vargas) that the Foundation itself has not yet decided whether Zoa belongs to Eden or dies. Nico, who has been in Eden for a long time, helps Zoa and shows her where Judith is.