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The leading cryptocurrency is below $25,000 and many investors are concerned about the future of their holdings. The keys

Digital currencies have already become an everyday thing in the country: there are 5 million crypto accounts of Argentines in the main local exchanges to operate with these assets, according to industry estimates provided to iProUP.

Beyond serving as a savings method, they generated new “alternative quotes” that are located in $215 on average and beat the blue (today, at $216) and the MEP (216). In addition, each one is obtained in a different way and allows you to take advantage of opportunities.

What is the digital dollar or crypto?

under the name “digital dollar” or “crypto dollar” are included in the stable digital currencies (stablecoins), whose value follows that of the US currency: “They are a very efficient alternative to hedge against currency fluctuationsif what is sought is to maintain a position as close as possible to the dollar“, points to iProUP Maximilian Hinz, Director of Binance.

“As seen on Coinmarketcap, volumes of cryptocurrencies USDT, BUSD, USDC and DAI were on the rise, with an issue approximately five times higher than a year ago. This is not a variation at the country level, but at the global level,” adds Hinz.

Gastón Levar, Argentine representative of airtmconfirm to iProUP the good time of digital dollars. and ensures that the AirUSD What does the company offer?I know connect with all currencies legal tender in Latin America and with the others stablecoins like DAI or USDT“.

doHow much is it worth and where do you buy the dollar? digital?

The main stablecoins they used to maintain parity with the dollar bill at blue value, but today they can outperform all financial dollarsso they are obtained in Argentina at 215 pesos on average. The most used alternatives are:

  • Tether (USDT): It was launched in 2014 with the idea that it could be used as a digital dollar. It is issued on the blockchains of ethereum, eos Y tron. In Argentina they can be purchased through BinanceP2P, Paxful, SatoshiTango Y LemonCash, among other exchanges. Your average price is $228
  • ICD: It is based on Ethereum. Its price is supported by the combination of other cryptocurrencies that are deposited in vaults of smart contracts every time a new DAI is mined. can be purchased at Bitso, Buenbit, Ripio, ArgenBTC and SatoshiTango, among others. sold to 223 pesos on average
  • USD Coin (USDC): all currency is backed by dollars that held in reserve, in a combination of cash and US Treasury bonds. It was launched in 2018 and can be purchased in the country through BinanceP2P, gravel, Let’sBit Y Satoshitango. It gets to $221 on average
  • Binance USD (BUSD): it is a stable coin issued by Binance in association with Paxos. It was approved and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). Launched in 2019, its goal is to “merge dollar stability with blockchain technology.” Your average price is $226
  • AirUSD: is the digital currency of airtm. It follows the value of the US currency and is audited by the FINCEN (U.S. Financial Crimes Control Network), which is responsible for verifying that there is each currency one dollar as backing. Quoted at 222 pesos

Also, SatoshiTango allows purchases using credit cards through an alliance with Mercado Pago, so these assets (in addition to Bitcoin, Ether and other currencies offered by the exchange) can be purchased at interest-free fees with the banks that have an agreement with the fintech of the unicorn.

What is the Amazon dollar and how much is it worth?

The person-to-person digital balance exchange platformsWhat airtm either Paxfulallow to acquire not only cryptocurrenciesbut also amazon gift cards to get products at half price and with door to door shipping through the Amazon Global service, which handles customs charges and fees.

you can get these gift cards at 75% of its face value. There are US users who get rid of them and you can find an opportunity,” says Levar.

Renata Rodrigues, Marketing Manager at Paxfuloffers to iProUP specific figures on the progress of this modality: “Amazon gift card transactions have been constant in recent months. We observe a 63% mom increase“.

If a user sells Bitcoin in exchange for cards of gift, will win a respectable margin. You can leverage your digital currency to make profit immediately. There are opportunities in countries where Bitcoin is more expensive for some reason and then you can get a good price for gift cards,” says Rodríguez.

In this way, the dollar Amazon trades at about 150 pesos. I mean, it’s the most economical of the “parallels”: worth less than solidarity ($192), CCL ($190), MEP ($190) and blue ($200).

What is the Mercado Libre dollar and how much is it worth?

This new price is linked to the previous one. It consists of selling the Amazon gift cards in Mercado Libre. So:

  • Each card purchases at $155 per dollar at Airtm
  • They are resold up to $270 per dollar and even in installments, on the spot (since these cards consist of a code that is sent by mail)
  • You get 50% profit (even after MercadoLibre keeps the 13% commission),

Nevertheless, there is another “hidden” business on the largest ecommerce platform in the region for those who purchase gift cards.

The Mercado Libre Dollar allows you to purchase gift cards in installments to spend on Amazon, Google and other international stores

The Mercado Libre Dollar allows you to purchase gift cards in installments to spend on Amazon, Google and other international stores

If you look at Mercado Libre, there are more and more products that it takes between 15 and 20 days to arrive, but you pay it before. What you do is buy the gift cards, when someone pays you for the product, He buys it on Amazon and sends it through a mailbox service in Miami to Argentina“Levar confides.

This modality is known as drop shipping: the seller is only responsible for paying the suppliers, who in turn are responsible for sending the order to the buyer’s address.

Rodriguez adds that “they can buy goods and services with the discount obtained. For example, you can purchase a $100 gift card by paying $75. Even, we see users who open their own business buying discounted itemsusing the margin to make a profit, but also offering better prices to their customers”.

what is the dollar PayPal and how much is it?

The dollar PayPal arises from platform balance in dollars that can be purchased with pesosalso through P2P platforms such as Airtm, Paxful or Binance. In this case, they are the ones who work freelance abroad those who sell to “make a salary” in Argentina: transfer your balance in dollars to another PayPal user and they send pesos (bank transfer or fintech).

last year grew 120% the number of Argentines who only have an account of these means of payment and a savings account account set up on our platform,” says Airtm’s Levar.

Rodriguez, of Paxfulassures that the operation “grew almost 170% in total transactions and more than 200% in volume in dollars in Latin America. Argentina, 150% and 220% respectively“.

However, Levar assures that there is a PayPal rival that is eating up the market: more and more Argentine professionals who work abroad prefer –provided they have the option– to choose Payoneeras they feel “further” from the radar of the authorities being a “lesser known” method.

“It has been growing a lot because it has lower commissions and it is better to connect with banks and fintech“. It is easier to get jobs from firms from the Old Continent” adds the manager.

In addition, he points out that there is not only computer scientists –the most sought-after profile at the global level today– performing tasks for foreign firms, but there are also translators, content writers, designers and even the new “trades 4.0”: youtubers, streamers and influencers.

The PayPal dollar is bought at about 209 pesos and it has a peculiarity: its price generally falls in the last week of the month and first of the following monthsince there is usually more balance for sale by freelancers who require pesos to pay their obligations.

what is the dollar Bitcoin and how much is it?

the so-called dollar Bitcoin is the result of split international price of digital currency by amount of pesos to redeem at a local exchange to get 1 BTC. According to coinmonitor, it is located in $193 Y follow the “conta con liqui”since the “import” of bitcoins is carried out by this mechanism: a bond is acquired in pesos in Argentina and sold abroad in dollars.

As is the case right now, is below the blue dollarwhich sets up a good opportunity to acquire it.

“There is a situation where blue is more expensive than the digital dollar. To those who have physical greens or pesos, this relationship gives you a great crypto market entry point“, points to iProUP Nicolás Verderosa, CMO of Kephi Gallery.

The bitcoin dollar allows to know if buying cryptocurrencies is more convenient than saving to the blue

The bitcoin dollar allows to know if buying cryptocurrencies is more convenient than saving to the blue

Gabriel Vago, CEO of ArgenBTC, warns iProUP that the low level of operations currently registered “forces local exchanges to lower priceswhich end up being below the blue, to generate activity”. In short, they need to do it because their business depends on the fact that there are transactions on their platforms.

The executive claims that it is a good time to enter the bitcoin worldsince “any way to dollarize at a value cheaper than the blue is positive and legally it is an alternative.”

Thus, the Argentine saver already has a new “slate 4.0” to follow the day to day of the dollar and try to maximize the value of your savings.


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