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Jared Leto makes his debut in the Marvel Universe with Morbius. We caught up with the Oscar winner for an interview and spoke to him about the vampiric anti-hero and his chances against Venom.

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The Marvel film cosmos already impresses with countless top stars, but the end of the road has not yet been reached here. The latest high-profile addition is now Oscar winner Jared Leto, who has been baring his teeth on the big screen since March 31, 2022 as a comic vampire in “Morbius”. Leto himself still can’t believe he’s part of the Marvel world now, as he reveals to FILMSTARTS when we meet him for an interview in Berlin – even face to face and not just on the computer screen.

As scientist Michael Morbius, he develops superhuman powers after a risky self-experiment, with which, according to Leto, he could easily compete with Tom Hardy’s Venom. It’s not unlikely that we’ll actually see this fight one day, given that both anti-heroes are part of Sony’s growing Marvel universe of characters from the Spider-Man comics, which is (largely) detached from Disney’s MCU.

Of course, we also want to know from him whether Leto would like to mess with Spidey himself in addition to Venom and how he feels about the eternal comic battle between Marvel and DC…

Hard flying hours

MOVIE STARTS: How did you get the role of Morbius? Could it have something to do with the fact that at 50 you still look like a guy in his 30s?

Jared Leto: Maybe the studio thought I really was a vampire. But I think they just wanted the best actor they could get, number 1. I’m not saying that’s what they got, but they also wanted someone a little different, someone unexpected, a wildcard . And there is a transformation in the film and maybe they found that very fitting in relation to me.

FILM STARTS: You are known for preparing meticulously for your roles, sometimes with very unusual method acting methods. Was that also the case with “Morbius” or how did you approach the role?

Jared Leto: I approached it like anything else. I was definitely very excited about this opportunity, especially since it’s Morbius’ first time coming to the big screen. It was great fun to have some responsibility for this character, a kind of authorship. So I dug deep into the source material, the comics, and the whole story. I spent time with scientists and doctors to understand the circumstances and the jargon and how to behave in a lab… and then I learned to fly, which was pretty tough.

FILM STARTS: I can imagine that, but in the end you succeeded with flying colors.

Jared Leto: Thanks very much.

FILM STARTS: What else fascinated you about the role?

Jared Leto: The transformation he’s going through. From a sick, frail scientist to someone strong and healthy, eventually becoming monstrous and powerful. It was basically three roles in one.

FILM STARTS: Does Morbius’ monster form come entirely from the computer or was a mask also used?

Jared Leto: These are computer effects. We briefly considered doing it with practical effects, but in the end I was glad it went CGI. That gave us a little more freedom to surprise the audience and also ourselves with the transformation.

Morbius vs. Venom and Spider-Man?

MOVIE STARTS: Who would win in a fight? Venom or Morbius?

Jared Leto: Morbid of course! (laughs)

MOVIE STARTS: Why is that?

Jared Leto: It comes down a bit to who has better odds in a fight, the crazy guy or the smart guy. With Morbius, you get a little bit of both. It would definitely be an interesting fight.

FILM STARTS: So you would like it?

Jared Leto: Oh yes, definitely!

MOVIE STARTS: And what about Spider-Man? Would you like to mess with him too, maybe in a Sinister Six movie? After all, Morbius is originally a Spidey villain.

Jared Leto: That at least sounds like a lot of fun. All the characters I’d like to see together. And it would be pretty amazing to work with all these amazing actors.

MOVIE STARTS: Which Spider-Man would you most like to compete against? Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire?

Jared Leto: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is very special. It’s a new chapter like Morbius. That would feel good.

FILM STARTS: “Morbius” was originally supposed to be released in summer 2020. Has the film changed since then or is it exactly the film that was supposed to come out then?

Jared Leto: There may have been minor changes, but it’s the film we set out to make. But we shot the very last scene a little later.

The closing credits of “Morbius” explained

MOVIE STARTS: Since you’ve already played the Joker and are now Morbius, you’ve seen both sides of the great comic battle and can therefore safely clarify once and for all which is better: DC or Marvel?

Jared Leto: There are such fantastic characters, actors and filmmakers on both sides. I’m very undecided when it comes to those two, but I’m on Team Marvel now. It’s crazy to say that, I’ve never said it out loud before. I am very happy to be part of this universe. I look at the poster and it’s so mad to see my name there and know it’s a fresh character. It’s really exciting. I do a lot of independent films and very demanding acting work, and I’m packing [„Morbius“] in line with that when it comes to the sheer process and how it felt to me.

FILM STARTS: Is there a chance that one day we will see you again as a joker?

Jared Leto: One should never say never.

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