Whoever says A must also say B: The best tweets from family life

A warm welcome to all moms and dads present! We are pleased that so many of you have come to our parents’ evening today and, as usual, are beginning the elections for the parents’ representatives. After all, that should happen pretty quickly, volunteers first! Now that we hopefully have your valued attention, we can say to those who haven’t fled in fear that this is of course not one of the dreaded parents’ evenings. We continue to generously leave that to the teachers and now we wish all parents a lot of joy with our finds from family life!

#1: But shouldn’t it be called twins?

#2: Okay, THIS is going too far!

#3: The argument is quite flawed

#4: Still has a lot to learn

#5: And it ends up missing all the ingredients, right?

#6: Everything has to stay in the door frame

#7: Impressive logic

#8: It is best to always send a certified birth certificate with you during the holidays

#9: It doesn’t get any greener

#10: Maybe something for the next lockdown?

#11: Funny, the school doesn’t advertise that again

#12: That’s what the dish service is for

#13: They make noise so easily…

#14: Scream hates this trick

#15: Just WOW! ❤️

If it should start again soon:

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