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Sustainable utopias, deconstruction and fluidity, the metaverse and the shopping experience… 080 Barcelona Fashion one more edition returns to break down both what we will wear next season and the great challenges facing the future of the industry. The Catalan event bets again on the first row digital to give us direct access, from April 5 to 8, to the proposals of a total of 22 designers: Antonio Marcial, Avec Studio, Avellaneda, Custo Barcelona, ​​​​Eiko Ai, Eñaut, Escorpion, Is Coming, KM by Lange, Lebor Gabala, Lola Casademunt by Maite, Menchen Tomas, Paloma Wool, Reveligion, Simorra, The Artelier, The Label Edition, El (Real) García, Tíscar Espadas, Txell Miras, Victor Von Schwarz and Yolancris.

Faithful to its commitment to highlight the most exceptional places on the Catalan street scene, this time it will be MACBA, the impressive rationalist building that the architect Richard Meier designed for the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, the setting for his iconic fashion shows. Although it will not be the only physical site that they make use of: the contest starts this Tuesday with a First at the Convent dels Àngels that will once again bring together all fashion professionals – which could also mean the beginning of a transition towards a more hybrid event. Another novelty this edition will be the 080 fashion thoughtsa series of debates between creators around the most current issues in the sector, from the construction of gender to the commercial importance that digital garments are taking on.

In this edition, 080 Barcelona Fashion has the support of the following sponsoring brands: as the main sponsor, Clearpay, the leading installment payment method in the fashion sector. Kevin Murphy (official hairdresser) and La Roca Village (official shopping destination) are also sponsors. For their part, the following participate as collaborators: Garmin (official watch), M A C Cosmetics (official makeup), Thuya Formació Professional (makeup team), Thuya Professional Line (official manicure), Rowenta (ironing and sanitizing materials) , Font Vella (official water) Ketonico, Hotel ME Barcelona, ​​Cointreau and Westwing.

new chapters

080 Barcelona Fashion It has always tried to be a reflection of the interesting creative ecosystem of the city, welcoming both established brands and new creators, with proposals that go from the commercial to the most experimental. Among the new names this year, as far as the male universe is concerned, the debut of Tiscar Swords, with a proposal inspired by the heroes, the construction of the myth and the narrative of their exploits. The result is open chapter, a collection made from timeless garments with a point of fantasy that distance our daily uniform from the boring everyday life. On the other hand, the creator of The ArtelierAlba Ayza has decided to capture her family history in her presentation: before is a mixed collection full of transparencies and patterns loaded with meaning, where tulle and organza will be the main protagonists. In the feminine proposals, the signature of Kati Lhane KM by Lange will pay tribute to its Ukrainian roots, with a collection of t-shirts to raise funds. While, Revelation will approach the female silhouette from an analytical point of view to reformulate her wardrobe based on curvilinear patterns and with studio will debut with a romantic and vibrant collection, inspired by the need to make a clean slate.

Among the veterans Avellaneda and cost of barcelona they will add one more edition to their solid trajectory, they will, yes, with vitalist proposals that insist on the importance of overcoming the last two years and starting a new chapter. The first will take us to tropical latitudes to hoist fluid and elegant tailoring, “inspired by those summer half century immortalized by Slim Aarons”, based on natural fabrics and prints with a Mediterranean essence. under the motto I trust myselfthe second proposes us to renew the wardrobe with garments that give us confidence and security, basing its collection on quality materials, pure silhouettes and vibrant colors; the banners of your DNA. This edition will also be the return of simorra to the contest, with a collection inspired by new beginnings, which will take us to a parallel universe in which reality, fantasy, tradition and modernity intermingle. Much more literally, the proposal of Scorpion, The show must go on (the show must go on), will embrace optimism to offer a new look at urban fashion, with deconstructed geometric silhouettes and sportswear inspired by the nineties.

free narrative

Sustainability will once again give shape and meaning to a large part of the collections. It is the case of Eñautwhich will take the Prestige catastrophe as its guiding thread – twenty years have passed since the disaster – to make a critique of the abusive use of oil and its devastating effects on the environment. As well The (Real) Garcia will insist on the importance of changing our way of producing and consuming, claiming an intelligent and timeless wardrobe. The brand will review the classics of men’s clothing, from work clothes to military uniforms, to bring us a selection of blazers, overshirts or sweatshirts, as aesthetic as they are comfortable.

A feeling of identity will also predominate, with collections that both vindicate author fashion to make a difference in an increasingly homogeneous world, as well as the sense of belonging produced by recognizing oneself in the other through clothing. A need that will explore both Anthony Martial on strangers and rogueswith a proposal of nineties and 2YK airs, indebted to the powerful uniform of the subcultures and urban tribes of the margins; What Txell Miras, that from a layered uniform, based on transparencies and brackets, will elaborate a metaphor of our growth and change. In a similar vein, Victor Von Schwarz will appeal to shared references and common tastes, with a collection inspired by the Asian mafia movies of the 80s and 90s. Thus, the masculine proposal of the triad, will pilot around variations of the classic tailored jacket and an original print that recreates the typical weapons of those cinematographic mafiosi

Without falling into nostalgia, The label edition She will take refuge in childhood and recover the freedom with which we dressed in childhood and put together an experimental wardrobe, in which feminine details coexist with masculine patterns. At the same time, Thomas Menchenwill update the aesthetic old money of those rich Americans who made us believe in the American dream, and Lola Casademunt by Maitebring back the glamor of Aspen’s ski resorts to descend from the summit in an alpine uniform full of technical garments and fantasy garments.

Ode to fabrics

Inspired by the work of the workshop, and the delicate care with which the fabrics are treated, velvet will be the protagonist of the collection of Yolancris, on which you will apply embroidery, French lace or macramé. Paloma Wool has orchestrated her entire collection around knitting, the firm’s DNA, with experimentation in patterns and print photographic. With an eye to the North, Is coming and lebor gabala they will fill our with warm fabrics, such as wool, alpaca, corduroy or tartan, and exaggerated check and houndstooth prints.

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