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William Levy He has a long career in the world of acting and has also worked as a model. Currently, the Cuban actor triumphs with the telenovela “Coffee with the aroma of a woman” which has become one of the favorites on the Netflix platform and is one of the most viewed in several countries.

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When I was a teenager William Levy, decided with his family to migrate from his native Cuba towards the United States in search of a better future. That was the first step to success that she would achieve years later.

After working in some occasional jobs and as a model, he decided to study acting and over time he managed to become one of the most sought-after leading men in the world of soap operas.

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Due to his great talent William Levy could be part of important productions such as “Never forget you”, “Spell out”, “Be careful with the angel”, “Triumph of Love”, among other productions that make up the twenty works which have also had great success internationally.

But despite the fact that he has participated in several productions, William Levy He is remembered by his thousands of fans for some of the characters he has played during his long career as an actor.

“Café con aroma de mujer” stars Laura Londoño and William Levy, with the antagonistic role of Carmen Villalobos (Photo: Telemundo)


1. Telenovela “Passion” – Vasco Darién (2007)

The Mexican soap operaPassion” (2007) was set in the time of the pirates. It was starred by susana gonzalez and Fernando Colungawith the antagonistic participation of Daniela Castro, Juan Ferrara, José Elías Moreno and Maite Embil.

But in this production also appeared William Levy with his character Basque Darien who had a great role that conquered the public.

William Levy in the telenovela “Pasión" (Photo: screenshot)
William Levy in the telenovela “Pasión” (Photo: screenshot)

2. Telenovela “Acorralada” – Larry Irazábal Alarcón (2007)

In the soap operacornered”, William Levy interprets Larry Irazabal Alarcon. Even though he was one of the first characters of his, it showed his great talent for acting.

The soap opera tells the story of betrayal that, due to the ironies of fate, Diana Soriano (Alejandra Lazcano) seeks justice for the death of her father, but ends up falling in love with the murderer.

William Levy in the soap opera "cornered" (Photo: screenshot)
William Levy in the telenovela “Acorralada” (Photo: screenshot)

3. Telenovela “Beware of the Angel” – Juan Miguel (2008)

It was 2008 and William Levy was invited to participate inBe careful with the angel”. There she played Juan Miguel. The actor worked alongside Maite Perroni and its popularity increased not only in Mexico but in various parts of the world.

William Levy in the telenovela “Cuidado con el Ángel” (Photo: screenshot)
William Levy in the telenovela “Cuidado con el Ángel” (Photo: screenshot)

4. Telenovela “Sortilegio” – Alejandro Lombardo (2009)

With the soap operaSpell out”, William Levy He was already a well-known actor and his fame followed him wherever he went. In 2009 he played Alexander Lombard that he was a millionaire engineer and a member of one of the oldest families in Yucatan.

William Levy in the telenovela “Sortilegio" (Photo: screenshot)
William Levy in the soap opera “Sortilegio” (Photo: screenshot)

5. Telenovela “Triumph of love” – ​​Maximiliano Sandoval (2010)

William Levy played Maximilian Sandoval Montenegro in the soap operaTriumph of Love” and his character gave much to talk about in the production that conquered the public of countries such as the United States, Argentina, Chile, Peru, among others.

What few knew is that the Cuban artist, at that time, was 30 years old and despite the fact that he had already been part of some soap operas, “Triunfo del amor” allowed Levy to better connect with the public and his fame and popularity increased considerably.

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William Levy when he starred in
William Levy when he starred in “Triumph of Love” (Photo: screenshot)


William Levy was born on August 29, 1980 in Havana Cuba). He had two brothers but they were abandoned by their father when they were still children.

In high school he stood out for his great talent for baseball, standing out above his peers. Then he would arrive in the United States with his family.

After participating in important productions, Levy became a very famous actor.

Got married with Elizabeth Gutierrez whom he met in 2002. In March 2006 his first son, Christopher Alexander, was born, and in 2010 they completed their family with Kailey Alexandra.

At the end of 2021 he announced his separation from his wife Elizabeth Gutierrez through social networks, although they also made it clear that they will have a good relationship for the benefit of their children.

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