“Woah, I get chills down my spine”

With enormous hopes, a seller went to “Bares for Rares”. There he had to realize that his high asking price was still far too low…

Ingo Baas equipped with an heirloom in his luggage “Bares for Rares” a visit. After all, the representative for veterinary medicines from Lüneburg had discovered a potentially valuable Fabergé egg in his aunt’s apartment. He wanted to sell it before, but that didn’t work out and so he found himself in the ZDF flea show. “Very sensible decision,” Horst Lichter congratulated him on this step.

“It’s an Original Fabergé Egg”Wendela Horz introduced her expertise. However, this was not created at the time of the Russian jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé, “but […] around 100 years later, around 1990 in Germany.” The background: In 1989, the Pforzheim jewelery manufacturer named Victor Mayer acquired the license to produce official Fabergé eggs. Ingo Bass’ example had a body made of 750 yellow gold and also featured brilliants, cut sapphires and emeralds. According to the “Bares for Rares” expert, there were only 23 of this model, and Mr. Bass even owned one of the first to be made.

Small, but definitely powerful… © Screenshot from ZDF

“The condition is very good, everything is there. Of course, not a stone is missing, and it never fell down,” concluded Wendela Horz with a relieved laugh of her expertise. Of course, Ingo Bass was allowed to hope and therefore answered the question of what he wanted for the rarity with conviction: “I would like 4,000 euros.” But the expert had a few objections: the gold purchase value alone amounts to 4,500 euros. The estimated price for the piece of jewelery was significantly higher overall at a whopping 8,000 euros. “That sounds good. Very good,” said the salesman, still calm at first about the spontaneous doubling, only to then laugh out loud in turn. “Whoa, I’m running [es] cold down your back,” said Horst Lichter about this sum and handed Ingo Bass the dealer card. The following video reveals which rarities changed hands for a small fortune:

Thrilling betting even surpasses the high level of expertise

In the trader’s room itself, the unveiling of the Fabergé ice cream immediately sparked a clear interest, and an appreciative whistle was even blown. Ingo Bass was then greeted in the dealer’s room with a “fantastic!”, although that probably referred more to the rarity that he had brought with him than to him personally. David Suppes opened the round with 1,000 euros, but of course a lot more was possible. From Elke Velten to Fabian Kahl to Christian Vechtel and Friedrich Häusser, all the dealers present took part in a lively bidding, which went up several thousand euros in a matter of seconds.

However, when David Suppes offered 6,000 euros, there was a short breather, during which Kahl summed up the mood with “6,000 is a lot”. So Ingo Bass resorted to the well-known trick and revealed the expertise. His greatest trump card was of course played out, but life actually came back into play. After a private duel with Elke Velten, David Suppes finally announced: “Yes, I’ll complete the expertise.” But even then it wasn’t over. After the 8,500 euros bid by Fabian Kahl, Suppes once again followed suit and even increased it to 9,000 euros. “I would have been out at 8,600 now,” revealed Kahl afterwards.

In the end, David Suppes was accepted for an impressive EUR 9,000 and the retailer put the heated bidding in a nutshell: “I’m really excited.” 1,000 euros above estimate. I’m happy,” said the visibly delighted Ingo Bass, summing up the visit, which also brought him 5,000 euros more than he had initially hoped for in his wallet.

Bares for Rares - Favorite Pieces (3 DVDs)

Bares for Rares – Favorite Pieces (3 DVDs)

The price may be higher now. Price from 04/07/2022 16:12

The junk show “Bares for Rares” runs from Monday to Friday at 3:05 p.m. on ZDF, repeats can be seen on ZDF Neo at 10:40 a.m. and at 7:20 p.m. The concept of the show hasn’t changed over the years: people like Ingo Bass have their goods appraised by experts and then haggle over the selling price in the dealer’s room.

Everyone probably knows that Fabergé eggs are valuable. But do you recognize the real rarities among these pieces?

Are you a scrap collector or antiques dealer: Test your “Bares for Rares” knowledge

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